Summer School

Summer School at the British School of Bucharest



This summer, from Monday 8th July until Friday 2nd August, we will transform our campus into a fun-filled ‘island’ where children will be able to enjoy numerous activities and amazing experiences that they will never forget.

Children from 4 to 14 who join us on the Island of Fun will experience lots of outdoor and indoor activities, pool games, climbing and zip-lines, quizzes, cookery lessons and a virtual journey through Britain. Alongside these activities, they will practice and enrich their English with native-speakers and children from other countries. Most of the activities will take place on the BSB campus, covering an area of over 2 hectares where trees and flowers surround the school buildings and the sports fields.

  • British Teachers
  • All children welcome from any school
  • Ages 4 – 14
  • Monday 8 th July until Friday 2nd August
  • Monday to Friday | 8:30 to 17:00
  • Outdoor and indoor activities


On the Island of Fun, from Monday to Friday, there is a carefully planned timetable to suit different age groups, skills, and preferences.

Everyone will start their mornings with a Virtual Journey to Britain, a very entertaining English Lessons Programme, guided by our native English-Speaking teachers.

Those who want to explore other languages can choose to learn German using the Motolingu method or practice their first words in Mandarin. All lessons will be led by native speakers of German and Chinese.

The fun continues with Adventures Across the Island, exploring and participating in outdoor activities:

  • Pool games & Swimming
  • Climbing & Zip-line
  • Island Games
  • Play, Meet & Greet sessions

At lunchtime, everyone will enjoy a healthy, energy-packed lunch to prepare them for the activities to come. Refreshed, they will then Toughen Up Their Skills with special Island Games. They will learn the rules, play and win prizes for best performances in:

  • Island Games – Fun Sports: Capture the Flag, Dodge Ball, Mat Ball
  • Cookery challenges
  • Stories on Fantasy Island - get together for some Library time to listen to stories or, depending on age, engage in personal reading and in short story discussion groups

The day ends Exploring the Surroundings with a new series of island adventures:

  • Fun Sports
  • Pool time & climbing
  • Edu Bricks

Each Friday students will be exploring the Real Aerial Adventure in the Forest, on weekly trips to Edenland Adventure Park, where they will be able to experience various activities such as climbing, a visit to the farm animals, archery, playtime in the forest and a picnic surrounded by nature’s charm to celebrate the end of a week full of fun.


The price for 2019 Summer School, ‘The Island of Fun’ programme is

  • One-week enrolment: 375 Euro
  • Two weeks enrolment: 750 Euro
  • 3 weeks enrolment, 10% discounted price of 1000 Euros
  • 4 weeks enrolment, 20% discounted price of 1200 Euros

Don’t miss out on the special adventures, fun activities, and unique experiences at our green and safe campus.

We provide our nutritious lunch service in house. Our aim is to ensure we offer a high-quality complete meal, that is appealing and healthy, made from fresh foods cooked on our premises. Our approach to our Summer School lunch service is ‘healthy eating’ and we design our menu to meet the principles of a balanced diet.


Take a peek at some of the Summer School 2018 photos and see for yourself what an amazing time the kids had during this programme at the British School of Bucharest!

If you have any questions or would like further details, please get in touch with us at