Why you and your child should attend our on-site SECONDARY SCHOOL OPEN DAY?

Find out why the British School of Bucharest (BSB) is a Leading International School with outstanding teachers committed to supporting your child (aged 11-18) in achieving their highest academic and personal development.
Have One-to-One meetings with the Headmaster, Head of Secondary School, Deputy Head of Secondary School (Pastoral Care), Advisor to the Board & University Guidance Counsellor and Admissions Team.
Take a campus tour and see our excellent educational environment and understand why so many local and international families have chosen to be part of the BSB community.

Our Special Edition for the Secondary School Open Day is the perfect opportunity to discover how the comprehensive British Secondary Curriculum, the UK A Level qualifications, the BSB student-centred approach and the importance of working in partnership with the students assists them in achieving to their potential, building their own learning pathways and guiding them on their academic journey to the university destination to which they aspire.

Reach further with an A Level education

Learn more about the advantages of the A Level qualifications and fully understand why they are a most effective route to your desired university destination and how they can help your options when considering university destinations worldwide.

BSB offers A Level courses in Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Computer Science, Design & Technology, Drama, Economics, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography, German, History, Mandarin, Mathematics, Media Studies, Music, Physics, Psychology and Spanish.

A Level Qualification Advantages
A comprehensive range of study subjects
Allows you to choose subjects based on your passions and interests
A trusted route into top universities
Widely recognised as an international qualification
Increased specialisation in a particular subject
Increased employment opportunities

The British School of Bucharest is a Leading International School in Romania, offering an excellent British Education!

The British School of Bucharest is committed to developing confident, motivated, self-disciplined learners who can realise their full potential and make a responsible contribution to the world.

We always strive to create a safe and caring environment that encourages our children to fulfil their academic and personal potential.

Besides providing the best learning experience, we’re also raising them to be outstanding human beings, by teaching them our five core values:

#Self-control, #Honesty, #Respect, #Equality and #ConcernForOthers.

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The British School of Bucharest is the first British school in Romania recognised by the UK Government and the only international private school in Romania with 100% native English-speaking teachers.