Our Teachers, Our Heroes

As several weeks have passed by since the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic, we need to admit that not only the children and parents have had to reorganize their normal schedule, but also the teachers. The ‘new normal’ has had a big impact on teachers, students, and the entire school community. We are thinking of our teachers’ well-being and motivation, and we support them with current news and online resources. You can read more here.

Thank you BSB!

As the current situation continues to have an impact on our BSB community, as well as others from around the world, people are now coming together to help one another more than ever.

We want to thank all the members of our community for the messages of support, through which parents and students are letting our teachers and other school staff know just how much they are appreciated, including this beautiful recorded message sent along with a parent's letter.
We thank all the BSB teachers and the parent who wrote these kind words:

"There's a lifetime left for Classroom Learning; we are not worried about that at all. This is a time for bigger and greater things, and the kids love you for seeing them through this.
We couldn't be more proud of you!"

#Alwaystogether #BSBCommunity #StaySafe #StayAtHome #BSBTeachers

Teachers Resources

BBC Teach Live Lessons are interactive programmes to support teachers and bring curriculum content to life.

Live lessons

Bring your subject to life with interactive lessons featuring some of the BBC's biggest brands and presenters.

BBC Teach Live Lessons for secondary schools

Lessons for secondary schools.

TeachingEnglish Radio​

A series of radio podcasts to help develop skills as a teacher.

Research, Insight and Resource Books

We have a range of freely available publications in all aspects of English language teaching and learning and the utilisation of digital technologies, including research, case studies of good practice and practitioner guidance.

Free Resources on MUSE During COVID-19

Project MUSE is temporarily making a wide range of scholarly research articles available on their platform.

The Reading Realm

Come and join us in The Reading Realm Facebook Group on Monday 23rd March 2020 at 8.40am for a story and some creative activities for the day!

Center for Puppetry Arts @ Home

Puppet Shows, Workshops, & Much More — all from Home!

Teachers News

Teachers’ Workload is Bigger Than Ever Before and It’s Taking a Toll

We ARE working more than the 45-minute Zoom calls where you see us. Contrary to popular belief, we aren’t logging out of Zoom, closing our laptops, and immediately grabbing a margarita to spend the rest of the day poolside.

Return To School In Children's Interests - Ofsted

It is in children's interests to return to school "as soon as possible", says the head of England's schools watchdog, Ofsted. But she acknowledged adult health and infection risk needed to be considered.

"I’m still emailing parents at 8.30pm" - A teacher’s Life In Lockdown

Mollie knows not every family in her school community has access to a computer or tablet. So when it comes to setting lessons for her Year 1 pupils to complete at home, she has to think smart.

How Teachers Are Coping During School Lockdown

As many sectors stand still during this lockdown, we reached out to teachers about their current state of affairs, how they are dealing with the sudden work disruption, their livelihoods, job security, how they are keeping learners engaged with zero physical contact and whether they will be able to make up for lost time, against all odds.

I'm a Teacher In Italian Quarantine, and e-learning Is No Substitute For The Real Thing

With schools on lockdown due to coronavirus, we’re seeing how this possible ‘future of teaching’ would only benefit some children.

We're Embracing Tech During Lockdown – But Can It Replace The Classroom?

Families are using technology to keep things ‘normal’ during the pandemic but questions remain about what remote learning can teach us.

Lockdown Anxiety: Teachers Talk About How to Explain Drills and Calm Kids' Fears

Explaining a lockdown can be one of the most difficult parts of a teacher’s job. According to a government survey, two-thirds of school districts in the United States now conduct “active shooter” drills—and it often falls on teachers to make judgement calls between informing kids and alarming them.