Briana Keeps a Tight Rein

After being the runner up at the Romanian Youth Cup for Dressage in the Pony Category last October, Briana, our Equestrian star, got back in the saddle. She competed at the Equestrian Winter Tour Show Jumping on her horse and achieved first place in the children’s category, not once, not twice but three days in a row. An outstanding performance earned with grace and with a lot of hard work.

If this wasn’t enough proof of her skills, she repeated her performance in another Equestrian Winter Tour Show Jumping event between 5th and 7th March 2021, where she again came in first place on all three days.

It seems we can’t update this article as fast as Briana wins competitions. Between 26th and 28th March, she once again made history by coming in first place in the Winter Tour Show Jumping Championship final. We’re incredibly proud of her achievements and we wish her the best of luck in her future competitions!

March 2021