BSB is the First School in Romania to Earn the DEKRA Trusted Facility Certification

Following a complex auditing process, we’re excited to announce that the British School of Bucharest has obtained the DEKRA Trusted Facility Certification, confirming that the safety and health measures we implemented during the pandemic for our students and staff are complete and functional.

BSB is the first and only school in Romania to obtain such a certification.

DEKRA has been one of the world's leading expert organisations in testing, inspection and certification in the field of safety for more than 90 years. As such, the DEKRA Trusted Facility Certification validates that we follow the national health and hygiene protocols and the international sanitary standards specified by the World Health Organization to ensure the safety of our students and staff. In addition, it's a recognition of our ongoing commitment to their well-being.   

We obtained the DEKRA Trusted Facility certification after DEKRA inspectors thoroughly audited the implementation of the prevention measures we took, communicated them to our students and staff, handled COVID-19 cases and implemented a series of steps to increase protection on the BSB campus. Find out what other measures we took to ensure our children’s and staff’s safety here.

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