British School of Bucharest The British School of Bucharest is an established, well-resourced international private school located on a spacious campus in Pipera, to the north of Bucharest. The school provides a comprehensive international education based on the National Curriculum for England taught by fully qualified and experienced native Engl... Educational An Exceptional Year Ahead for BSB Students For the last few months, BSB staff have taken extraordinary steps to ensure a safe and smooth School reopening. Through all the measures and protocols that School has adopted, BSB reinforces once more its commitment to the health, safety and well-being of our students. In preparation for the new Academic Year, all BSB staff members worked around the clock to ensure our pupils safe return to School. Our mission is, as it has always been, to provide a safe and inviting environment, where our students can flourish and achieve their highest potential. The arrangements we have made include taking the highest safety measures, in line with the Government’s regulations. The School is continuously disinfected, and we follow a thorough and special cleaning protocol. Furthermore, to ensure a safe space at BSB for everyone, we verify the temperature of each student, teacher, and member of staff at the special gates and turnstiles. We want our students to feel secure at their desk, therefore we arranged the classroom and we installed Perspex shields around each school desk, so our students can be fully protected. All our teaching and non-teaching staff have been trained to follow all safety protocols, including the need for social distancing or using safe greetings. We will strive to make this academic year nothing short of amazing, despite all the challenges we’re being faced with. With the support of our teachers, staff members and parents, we can expect another year filled with remarkable achievements from our students. September 2020 Congratulations Class of 2020 Congratulations to this year’s A Level students for their excellent results achieving an incredible 100% pass rate; 48 % of grades achieved were A*-A and 70% A*-B. Our school is proud to celebrate such high levels in academic achievements of our students. Confirmed student destinations include the Universities of Oxford, London School of Economics, Imperial College London, King’s College London and University of Bath. See here more about this year graduations students and their results. August 2020 Virtual Open Day @ BSB In previous years, parents and children would visit our BSB campus in-person, before deciding to apply to our educational institution. In this way, students could get a feel of what it would be like to study here; see all the facilities and speak to staff and students to learn more about the opportunities available at BSB. This year, due to the current international situation, the BSB campus remains closed. Taking this into consideration, BSB will organise its first BSB VIRTUAL OPEN DAY on the 20th June 2020. The internet is a wonderful tool, and in the current situation, the approach that the British School of Bucharest has had over the past few years of giving its students the right digital literacy skills needed to interact and navigate the world today is proving invaluable. BSB has also created digital means through which parents from the international community can get in contact with BSB from all over the world. During this event, parents who are actively searching for a school can discover BSB’s commitment to excellent education through a series of online talks and Q&A’s specially designed for EYFS, Primary and Secondary. Our admissions staff and Heads of School will be there to answer their questions, take them on a virtual tour of our school grounds and provide them with necessary information regarding the British curriculum and our extra-curricular program. Information about the event The BSB VIRTUAL OPEN DAY will take place on the 20th June 2020. We will have three timeslots with one hour reserved for each presentation and 30 minutes for the Q&A session. Timetable for each session 10:00 – 11:30 - EYFS 12:00 – 13:30 – Primary School 15:00 – 16:30 – Secondary School This online event is dedicated to parents wishing to register their child for the 2021-2022 Academic year. Register here for BSB VIRTUAL OPEN DAY: Gruia's hands-on battle with the COVID-19 pandemic Gruia graduated from BSB in 2014-2015. He shared with us his experiences in helping to fight the coronavirus, as a member of the NHS paramedic team, in the UK. “When I first graduated from BSB in 2015, and left for Norwich to study and qualify as a Paramedic, I had no idea I would be participating, body and soul, in a global event. As fate has it; during my second year as a practicing Paramedic, I was forced to plunge into battle against COVID-19. My personal life, passions and all other activities ceased. Just like my days as a student at BSB, I am still immersed in a world where I must always be at the top of my game with 100% attention, care and patience in every situation I come across. Now, more than ever, it truly is the difference between life and death. As a BSB student, studying for my A Levels and applying for Medicine, instilled in me the mindset of perseverance, hard work and dedication. Now, as then, with the help of my colleagues and more experienced leaders, I have learnt to overcome every obstacle, no matter how daunting or ambitious it might seem. I remember the good old days fondly, and hope that I may return home soon and in good health, and visit the place I first grew up in: the British School of Bucharest.” BSB Online Learning Programme Steps taken during the COVID-19 outbreak A top priority for the British School of Bucharest within the community is keeping students and staff safe and healthy in all circumstances. As many of you are aware, the Romanian Government decided to close schools, since Wednesday, 11th March 2020, in response to the –COVID-19 outbreak as a precaution to combat its spread. Although we have had to close the school gates, BSB remains committed to providing high-quality learning activities and resources, as well as ongoing guidance and feedback from our teaching staff to all our students from all stages, including EYFS pupils. As such, BSB aims to ensure continued provision to educate children remotely and all the necessary steps have been taken to implement the ‘Online Learning Programme’ across the school. BSB acknowledges that the learning delivered in a school environment cannot simply be replicated through online learning. Interactions between the teachers and children will clearly be different but we are confident that by a considered, flexible and adaptable approach to each key stage, the differences will be reduced. Our teaching staff have already redesigned their lessons and courses to enable student autonomy in learning with appropriate, balanced support. The Online Learning Programme – how it is structured The day by day curriculum for all year groups will be accessed via Google Classroom. This will also allow children to submit their tasks and receive prompt feedback from a member of staff. Furthermore, there will be opportunities for our students to participate in video conferences with class teachers using Google Meet, in order to keep in touch and ask any questions about the work they may have. BSB students and parents can log into their Google accounts (BSB Online) and have access to all learning materials and information, in an organised manner. The BSB Online Learning Programme takes into consideration all stages, including EYFS pupils and we have provided parents with resources and ideas for activities to keep them entertained, to continue learning and spend quality time indoors while encouraging individual development in a play-oriented learning environment. For the Primary pupils and Secondary students, we have created a list of general approaches and principles which will be applicable for all Key Stages, especially Secondary. These include the main resource areas, submission of work and assessment of work and feedback. BSB has also taken into consideration the specifics of each Key Stage. As such, we have adapted how the pupils will receive tasks appropriate to the subject in a structured way either lesson-by-lesson, broken down into smaller units or a longer-term project spread over several lessons. Work will be set according to the timetabled lesson. Videoconferencing, if appropriate and necessary will take place during a time set by the teacher and could be during the time of the usual timetabled lesson. Teachers will also hold class discussions and presentations in order to help students better understand subjects and homework assignments. Coursework, where required, will need to be completed and in this instance, the BSB faculty is ready to offer guidance and support in accordance with the guidelines and regulations. Contact with staff may also vary depending on the task and could include annotated feedback, or videoconferencing. In turn, staff may also be in contact with parents if work is not being submitted on time or if there are concerns. This may be done via email or using the school’s SMS function. BSB is aware of the potential impact of the closure on all students including those preparing for external IGCSE and A Level examinations in the Sixth Form. We are in constant communication with the examination boards as we seek to ensure that relevant consideration is taken of the circumstances and are monitoring the global situation carefully in order to be able to pass on information to the pupils concerned as soon as we have further details. At this time, all external examinations, including the oral examinations, are scheduled to proceed according to the published timetables unless we hear otherwise from the Examination Board, with whom we are in regular contact. BSB recognises the importance for students and parents to be supportive of each other and nurture understanding in order to provide the right environment for online learning. We have also outlined general guidelines and ideas that will give students and parents a starting point in creating the right environment to continue learning with minimal disruptions. BSB @BETT 2020, London BETT is the world’s largest education technology show, held over four days (22nd – 25th January), in which more than 800 leading EdTech providers are on show and 300 influential industry speakers give their expertise on stage. Their London event attracts the largest gathering of UK and international educators and leaders in the world, all under one roof. Simply put, it is an event like no other and we are proud to participate. Team Foamblock, in partnership with BSB, is attending BETT in London where one of the cars built by students during Project Zephyr is displayed. For those of you who don’t know, BSB is the first school where Foamblock’s Project Zephyr was implemented. BSB Innovation Hub hosts the Foamblock’s ‘Project Zephyr’ which is a personal exploration toolkit and a different approach to STEAM. Students build, completely from scratch, a life-size custom made drivable electric vehicle. By doing this, they have the opportunity to train and to learn a plethora of skills from Technical Engineering, Mathematics and Physics to soft skills like teamwork, negotiation, enterprise, marketing and communication, all the while exploring their own personality and character. We wish all the members of Project Zephyr and the Foamblock team good luck! Can I Go and Play Now? CPD with bestselling author and trainer Greg Bottrill The British School of Bucharest opens the registrations to the first CPD training of this year ‘Can I Go and Play Now?’ with bestselling author and trainer Greg Bottrill. The training consists of five workshops, each of them on specific CPD activities. Sessions are appropriate for practitioners in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. The training will take place at the British School of Bucharest campus Saturday, 3rd of October 2020. Don’t miss out on this opportunity and book your place via email: providing your name, contact number, name of your school and any dietary requirements by 18th of September 2020. The cost is 100 Euro + 19% VAT including lunch and refreshments. This project is developed by the British School of Bucharest in collaboration with COBIS. The British School of Bucharest is a COBIS Training School. Find more details about Greg Bottrill, the timetable for the day and the workshop descriptions here. BSB Christmas Fair 2019 The whole BSB campus was filled with winter magic on 6th December. We celebrated the Festive Season with the entire BSB Community. Santa Claus arrived in an environmentally friendly way at the Christmas Fair. The students were caught up in a lot of activities including the Christmas Run and decorating the Wishes Tree with their messages for a better future. Parents enjoyed the handmade gifts and winning the themed Christmas baskets that were made by the BSB students for the Fair raffle. BSB would like to express our heartfelt thanks to all the parents, teachers and partners who helped us put this event together! It was a truly wonderful event that filled us with Christmas cheer that will last well into 2020! First Edition of the BSB University Conference Hundreds of students attended One-to-One meetings and special presentations of top Universities from around the world at the Bucharest International Schools University Conference ‘The Bucharest International Schools University Conference’ gathered twenty-one prestigious Universities on the campus of the British School of Bucharest, who presented their programmes to students interested in studies abroad and potentially a future international career. Representatives of twenty-one top Universities from the United Kingdom, Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Canada and the USA were part of the first edition of the “Bucharest International Schools University Conference” on October 21st. They presented their study programmes and funding possibilities for students who want to study abroad. Hundreds of students had registered for the “Bucharest International Schools University Conference” to take part in special sessions of presentations held by some of the best Universities in the world, as well as One-to-One meetings with representatives from these institutions. The future undergraduate students also received specialist advice for all stages of the various application processes and learned more about choosing the right courses. Their parents were also able to take part in meetings where they too received guidance which could help them to support their children in choosing the best fit course for a successful future. At the Bucharest International Schools University Conference, students were able to learn more about: student life in the UK and funding opportunities; where they can study specific courses ranging from medicine to hospitality management, or where there are research opportunities and the employment opportunities they have after graduation from a faculty abroad. Most of the Universities enjoyed speaking with many students interested in their offers, including Imperial College London, University College London, University of Southampton, University of Nottingham, Savannah College of Art and Design (USA) and University College Utrecht (The Netherlands). Figures: More than 250 participants (parents and students) Registered students from around 30 private and state schools 21 Top Universities from 7 Countries 102 One-to-One meetings 20 Universities Presentations and Parents Sessions Bucharest International Schools University Conference British School of Bucharest will host on 21st October the first BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE The event, organised in partnership with the American International School of Bucharest, will bring together some of the best universities in the UK, Europe and the US for a one-day exclusive experience filled with unique university presentations for parents and students, the possibility for students interested in studying abroad to register for special One-to-One meetings with university representatives and the chance to find out more about the differing university application processes. As you may know, attending a university fair is an important step in the university search and application process. Fairs provide wonderful opportunities to seek advice, not only concerning a particular institution, but also to learn about actions that can be taken now to better prepare a university application. THE BUCHAREST INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS UNIVERSITY CONFERENCE will allow you to get personal answers to your questions, discover completely new opportunities, share ideas with peers, and get expert advice on admissions tests, applications, funding and more. Register here and schedule your special meetings and presentations: The list of attending universities: UK Imperial College London London South Bank University New College of Humanities University College London University of East Anglia University of Essex University of Leicester University of Nottingham University of Plymouth University of Southampton Austria Webster University The Netherlands Hotelschool The Hague University College Utrecht Windesheim University of Applied Sciences Italy John Cabot Rome Switzerland Vatel USA Savannah College of Art and Design What you will find at the conference UNIVERSITY PRESENTATIONS – A chance to participate at exclusive seminars and presentations from some of the best Universities in the World. ONE-TO-ONE MEETINGS - Participate in One-to-One meetings for individual guidance and specific information from the Universities you want to apply to. APPLICATION PROCESS GUIDANCE – Get expert advice for all stages of the university application process and studying abroad. Find out more about how to choose the right course and details of tuition fees and student loans. UNIVERSITY FAIR – Exclusive Fair of top Universities from the UK, Austria, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and the U.S. PARENT SESSIONS – Dedicated sessions for parents on helping your child make informed decisions, supporting them through the application process and student finance. In order to attend the conference, you can register for University presentations or One-to-One meetings here: Event schedule: 10:00 Start of the Event 10:00 - 13:00 University presentations and One-to-One Meetings, based on previous appointments 13.00 - 15.00 University Fair 15.00 End of the University Conference & Fair Start time: 10:00 Finish time: 15:00 We hope that many of you will be able to attend the Bucharest International Schools University Conference and take advantage of this opportunity to get a head start on your application process to the university of your choice. Welcome to 2019-2020 Academic Year The first day of school is an exciting time for children and parents, as well as teachers. We are happy to welcome you all to BSB, a place where hopes and dreams are built, in a safe and caring environment. Teachers, TAs, lessons, activities, learning spaces and games are all ready to start this year with positive thoughts and a ‘can do’ attitude. This year even those goals you thought to be impossible can be achieved! September 2019 BSB Alumni Event The British School of Bucharest organised the first ever Alumni Event on behalf of the Alumni Association on the 25 th of June. This was an opportunity for graduates from different years to reunite with old friends, make new acquaintances, and overall enjoy a beautifully organised event together. BSB is a community, it gives its students a sense of family, and that is why we want to know how our graduates are living their lives post-BSB. We encourage all BSB Alumni from any years to join the Alumni Association, as we want it to grow every year. If you are interested in sharing your story post-BSB, or simply in joining the Alumni Association, please contact us at July 2019 2019 Secondary Awards Ceremony Acknowledgement and a sense of pride and fulfillment for our students are extremely important to us, so an event such as the Secondary Awards Ceremony is one of the most anticipated moments of the academic year for students, parents and staff. It is a day where everyone comes together to celebrate the end of another wonderful year, and awards such as ‘Most Improved Player’ in Physical Education or ‘Outstanding Community Work’ are given out to our students to recognise their outstanding personal and academic achievement throughout the year, both in and out of school. To top off the celebration for happy students and their parents, we ended the event with the Year 13 Graduates, with speeches from the Head Boy and Head Girl, as well as the traditional graduation robe-wearing students throwing their hats in the air for a final picture together at the British School of Bucharest. June 2019 The Innovation Hub Track Day The Innovation Hub Track day was a fantastic event, and this is no exaggeration. Innovation Hub students finally had the opportunity to test and display the cars they have been building for many months. The sense of fulfilment when they started testing them in front of an audience, and having them work perfectly, was amazing. Seeing the happiness on the students’ and their mentors’ faces was wonderful. To top this all off, Audi provided their new E-Tron model for parents, staff and guests to experience on the AMCKart Track. All in all it was a splendid event. June 2019 Summer Fair 2019 This year’s Summer Fair was absolutely incredible . Starting with performances from our students all the way through the Staff Band and Kaoma, the activities organised by students and teachers such as ‘Soak the Teacher’ or the ‘Human Fruit Machine’, food stalls and our partners’ stands, every single activity on our schedule turned out to be fantastic. Congratulations to Maria, the Primary winner of BSB’s Got Talent, for her lovely performance of “We are the Champions” and Aylin, the winner from Secondary, for her wonderful solo performance. A massive congratulations to all other participants for making it so far into the competition. Seeing everyone from the BSB Community, students, teachers, parents and other guests come together to dance the Lambada, or seeing younger children running around and having fun, we are so proud to have had the opportunity to host this wonderful event. We would like to thank and congratulate everyone involved - this year’s Summer Fair will be remembered for a very long time. June 2019 BSB's Got Talent 2019 Before we congratulate all the participants involved in this year’s edition of BSB’s Got Talent, we would like to share just how proud and happy we are to have such talented students within our community. Here at BSB, we believe that you don’t have to be 1 st, 2nd or 3rd to be a winner - everyone involved in a competition is a winner for us. However, we do want to congratulate our Primary Winner with her performance of We are the Champions , by Freddie Mercury, and our Secondary Winner, Aylin, with her solo performance, a combo of ukulele and voice. And of course, a huge ‘well done’ to everyone who participated! It is days like this that keep us energised. Seeing the BSB Community come together to have a great time listening to our young and talented performers makes us want to do more. Once again, congratulations to everyone involved. June 2019 The British School of Bucharest Proves Again its Quality of Education The month of May has brought much great news to the British School of Bucharest. One piece of news that we are the extremely happy to share with you is that BSB has become one of the world’s first COBIS certified Training Schools, and the only school from the Eastern Europe to have received this certificate. This demonstrates that the school is performing at the highest standards in terms of approaches to CPD and professional learning, able also to provide Initial Teacher Training and Newly Qualified Teacher mentorship of the highest standard. We are very proud to have been accredited in this manner. May 2019 Sports Day 2019 This year’s Sports Day once again turned out to be exceptional. Sports Day is all about School Houses competing for a trophy, and we were so delighted to see how this event brought student teams together in a spirit of good nature and fun. They displayed incredible sportsmanship and encouragement to bring their House Teams as many points as possible. We had over 300 students attending so a wide range of events were set up to allow everyone to contribute to their teams. For the Award Ceremony, we had a special guest, Catalina Ponor, Romanian Olympic Gold Medalist in Gymnastics, to present the winning House Team with the trophy. She gave a lovely speech where she motivated students to keep enjoying sports, as physical exercise is so necessary for a healthy lifestyle. As she very wisely said, everyone who attended Sports Day was a winner! May 2019 The Road to Excellence We are proud to present you five of our Senior Students of the academic year of 2018-2019, who are about to move onto a different path in their lives, from High School to University. These Year 13s have excelled throughout their time as students and the British School of Bucharest takes great pride to have been part of these student’s academic development. We have asked them to take part in an interview, in which they spoke about the BSB Community, the British Curriculum, and what subjects they chose to study in order for them to be able to pursue a career in an area they are passionate about, and how each of these pillars of our school have helped them achieve their dreams. You can find the video below, and we thank our Head Boy and Head Girl, Alexandru and Sara, as well as their Deputies, Ioana, Engin and Harriet for taking part in this interview, whose purpose is to inspire other students to pursue whatever dream they have, because at the British School of Bucharest, it is possible. Alice@Wonderland - 2019 Secondary Production at BSB Alice@Wonderland - A modern retelling of the classic children’s story Alice@Wonderland, the latest British School of Bucharest (BSB) Secondary production, was enjoyed by a large audience on 27th and 28th March at the Fratelli Studios in Bucharest. BSB students had fun performing while developing genuine life skills. 80 took part in Alice@Wonderland, 33 of them on-stage. The students were involved in every aspect of the play: cast, stage design, costumes, makeup, props - BSB students did it all. They worked incredibly hard and the whole cast and crew delivered an outstanding performance! The story was laid out in a traditional style, except that Alice was distinctly contemporary. Here is some footage of the live performance. Enjoy and applaud! Alice @ Wonderland - Based on the works of Lewis Carroll, adapted for the stage by Jonathan Yukich. Produced by special arrangement with Pioneer Drama Service, Inc., Denver, Colorado. Alice@Wonderland Alice@Wonderland - A modern retelling of the classic children’s story Can you imagine what would happen if a 21st century Alice collided with Lewis Carroll’s legendary Wonderland? The Secondary Production of Alice@Wonderland aimed to answer this conundrum by tapping into BSB students’ imaginations and artistic prowess to bring life to a wonderful story. This is a modern retelling of the classic children’s story and has all the characters you know and love, including the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit and the Queen of Hearts. The story is laid out in a traditional style, except that Alice is distinctly contemporary, complete with a cell phone in her hand. There are lots of references to text messaging and social media, humour and a modern style which will will appeal to both children and adults. This year Abigail Turkmore, Head of the Performing Arts Faculty at BSB wanted as many pupils involved in the show as possible. Through faculty collaboration and cross-curricular links merging creative (Art, Design Technology) and performing arts (Music, Drama) BSB was able to offer classroom and CCA opportunities for pupils to get involved in all aspects of the production. In Art class year nine pupils had the opportunity to design, create and make the backdrop for the play. In Music class pupils had the opportunity to compose (write, create and record) music for the production. CCA opportunities were offered for pupils to act within the show itself and design, create and make the costume, set and props, making the whole production as inclusive as possible while giving all students a real glimpse into the volume of work and dedication a theatrical production can require. The performance will play for two days at the Fratelli Social Club, Glodeni Street 1 – 3, Bucharest on Wednesday 27th March and Thursday 28th March from 17:00 to 19:00. We hope you will join us for Alice@Wonderland and we leave you now with a couple of quotes from some of the children involved in the production about this experience. Thea (Alice): ‘I was initially scared of having the lead role with so many lines… but as we started rehearsing, I found it easier than anticipated as I was surrounded by friends.’ Alexia (White Rabbit): ‘At rehearsals it really felt as though we were in Wonderland as everyone acted slightly mad!’ Emily (Queen of Hearts and Choreographer): ‘I really enjoyed working with different pupils from a range of year groups and combining my dance experience with my creative vision to teach others a performance number.’ Thabile (Cheshire Cat): ‘Being backstage I got the privilege of watching others bring their characters to life through performance.’ So You Think You Can Cook? – 2019 EDITION “Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors - it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.”, Wolfgang Puck Most of us remember when we were small children, how we used to consider the kitchen a magical place. Partly because it was the only place in the house where we could get away with making a mess but also because it was the place where we first got a taste of our favourite dishes. Teaching cookery to children in school promotes the lifetime ability for healthy cooking and the importance of healthy eating from a very young age. It is an important life skill which can be invaluable in their future lives, during their teenage years and whether they move on to university or away from home for their first job… but we are getting ahead of ourselves. This article isn’t really about cooking or the benefits of learning to cook which we can all agree aid personal development. What it is about is the second edition of the BSB ‘So You Think You Can Cook’ competition on the 3rd, 4th and 5th of April. It’s a different type of competition that proves that it’s never too late or, in our case, too early, to begin the learning curve in the kitchen. BSB students are invited to put on their aprons, select their best kitchen utensils and prove to the jurors that they really can cook. Students in Upper KS2 (Years 5 and 6) and KS3 (Years 7, 8 and 9) are invited to compete again this year in the two-round competition. In the Preliminary round the students will need to ‘get creative’ and make a ‘Signature’ dish in one hour or less with their own ingredients. This is an eliminatory round and will decide which future master chefs will go on to the Final Round, where their cooking knowledge and talents will be further put to the test as they cook a 2 or 3 course meal, depending on the age category. Round 1: Appetiser (Antipasto crostini) Round 2: Entrée (Ravioli) Round 3: Dessert (Cupcakes), 1 hour (Secondary only) Culinary prowess will be judged by this year’s jurors: Liviu Popescu - true culinary afficionado and HORECA entrepreneur Simona Pope - ‘Wonder Woman’ of everything sweet of the Alice Bakery Marius Georgescu - former ‘Chefi la cuțite’ cooking show contestant and food enthusiast The future BSB ‘master chefs’ will really have to bring their ‘A’ game if they hope to win! BSB Open Mornings - First Steps for Your Child’s Academic Future We are confident that you will agree that an environment which nurtures learning and ensures that children feel safe, happy and valued while being stimulated and supported academically is the perfect place for their first steps to academic and personal development. Choosing the right school for your child in their early years is very important and at the British School of Bucharest, pupils experience such a caring environment and a wealth of opportunities both inside and outside the classroom. The British School of Bucharest Open Mornings will be held on the Tuesday 19th and Wednesday 20th March. These events offer a great opportunity for parents looking to enrol their child at BSB to learn about the National Curriculum for England and how BSB applies it in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) and in the Primary School, for Year 1 and Year 2). BSB Open Morning events offer the chance for parents to experience how children in Early Years and the Primary School develop confidence, self-esteem, and creativity through our Programme. They will have the opportunity to meet our unique team of native English-speaking teachers, and the staff who will support them in the enrolment process. They will also receive first-hand information about the curriculum and the types of extra extra-curricular activities that are on offer throughout the school year. For the 2019 – 2020 school year, The British School of Bucharest has places available in the following years: Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Primary School for Years 1 and 2 BSB Open Mornings can be attended by registration only.To reserve your place, click here… by Wednesday 13th March! The British School of Bucharest Harry Potter Book Night On Thursday 7th February, the enchanting and magical world of J.K. Rowling, portrayed in the amazing Harry Potter series, came to life for a couple of hours on our very own campus. We held our 4th annual ‘Harry Potter Book Night’ which was attended by BSB students from Year 4 to Year 8. This year’s magical theme was Hogwarts - the magical school where Gryffindors, Hufflepuffs, Slytherins or Ravenclaws learn how to become excellent practitioners of the mystic arts… and more! For those of you who are not acquainted with Harry Potter lore, the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry is located in a vast castle atop a high mountain and was founded by two wizards and two witches, Godric Gryffindor, Helga Hufflepuff, Salazar Slytherin and Rowena Ravenclaw. Just like the BSB, Hogwarts is a place of learning. It has a wonderful heritage and an amusing yet wise motto: Draco Dormiens Nunquam Titillandus (Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon) The night’s festivities started in typical Hogwarts manner, with a Sorting Ceremony to divide the pupils into the four Hogwarts houses, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Slytherin and Ravenclaw. One by one the pupils sat on a chair, placed the Sorting Hat on their head then drew out their house name from the magic container. The process went without a hitch and with no wicked spells uttered. Once everyone was assigned to their magical house, the night’s activities continued with a picture-card game where knowledge of the Harry Potter books and visual memory was challenged. Next , drama skills and acting ability were tested in a one of a kind acting event. It was a clear rule that no Polyjuice Potion could be used during this activity! After a few more activities and a break for a snack, it was time for the ‘Hidden Hogwarts Quiz’, a deeply delving series of questions assessing how well our students really know Hogwarts. All we are going to say is that Professor Dumbledore would be extremely proud of everyone’s excellent performance, pupils and teachers alike. Until next year, we will leave you with one of our favourite Dumbledore quotes: “Differences of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and our hearts are open”, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The Harry Potter Book Night is a chance for fans young and old to celebrate J.K. Rowling’s wonderful series and to pass the magic on to new readers who haven’t yet discovered these unforgettable books. It is a worldwide event aimed at fans of the series, young and old. Join the British School of Bucharest! Applications are open until 23rd January to join our scholarship programme which can cover up to 100% of fees We start the New Year with excellent news! You still have time to apply for our scholarship programme until 1 pm on the 23rd of January. What are you waiting for? Just 2 weeks left to take the first step in a life changing experience! Are you an exceptional student with excellent results who is currently in Year 9 or 11 in the International school system or grade 8 or 10 in the Romanian school system? If so, the British School of Bucharest can offer scholarships which cover expenses for school fees ranging from 30% to 100%. Following our selection process there is no limit to the number of places in the programme. “In two weeks we will close the registration process for the sixth edition of the BSB scholarship programme. I encourage students and parents not to delay in completing their applications for this fantastic opportunity. Discover the excellence of British education and the vibrant spirit of the BSB community! Applications close at 1pm on 23 January and I look forward to meeting all candidates to discover your personalities and skills!”, Philip Walters, Headmaster British School of Bucharest. The selection process takes place on 26th January and 2nd February and includes English and Mathematics tests, CAT testing and an interview with one of the BSB team. The first stage of the examination takes place on Saturday 26th January, when applicants will attend an interview and complete the CAT testing. Only those students who are succesful will be invited to the next stage on 2nd February, when English and Mathematics will be tested. Personal interests and hobbies, out-of-school achievements and planned university destinations or courses are just some of the details we require when you complete your application form. In addition, we will require other documents, such as a copy of your Birth Certificate / ID Card / Passport, your most recent School Report, an Art Portfolio or proof of any Sports Achievements and any other relevant documents to support your application. Full details of the Application Process and Scholarship Policy are available on the Application form available here. Don’t be afraid to apply - believe in yourself, in your skills and in your determination! This is an amazing opportunity and we look forward to meeting passionate and exceptional students. Take a moment to review the information available on our website, apply by 1pm on 23rd January and we hope to meet you on the 26th of January! Commit yourself to excellence and become a British School of Bucharest student for the 2019-2020 academic year! Since the start of last academic year, students in automotive design have been working hard to give shape to the cars they built in ‘Project Zephyr’. In collaboration with the Innovation Hub, BSB students have been developing skills such as model making, scale prototyping and sculpture, all vital competencies used in industry today. We are extremely grateful for the support STAEDTLER Industrieplastilin GmbH has given us by providing us with Mars Clay, a material essential in producing large scale car sculptures. We are very excited to see what will roll out the doors of the Hub come early Summer. BSB Christmas Fair 2018 Santa was at his best at our Christmas Fair helping to create a magical winter wonderland with a laser show, fireworks, raffle prizes and Christmas carols We simply love stories and at BSB we write new ones every day with our passion, spirit, spreading of happiness and enjoyment of educational activities. But maybe one of the best stories we can write is at Christmas time when we celebrate and enjoy our fantastic Christmas Fair in our own unique way. A festive wonderland of magical moments and delights was created again at our event this December. A spectacular atmosphere filled the BSB campus with our school choirs and orchestra singing a selection of Christmas carols and with children and parents enjoying some very unique themed workshops. Then magically, appearing as if from nowhere, Santa arrived in his dream sleigh with perfect timing to join our great community event and to bring joy and Christmas spirit to light up the BSB campus! The surprises didn’t stop here. First, our laser show was a true spectacle for our guests to enjoy! Second, a limitless sky full of fireworks, a captivating and colourful show that will not be soon forgotten. Finally, saving the best for last, lighting up our Christmas campus, another unique moment to complete this stunning BSB Christmas celebration. What else could we possibly add to this perfect setting, full of lights, dreams and magic? Well of course, happy faces enjoying the moment, discovering surprises and starting their Christmas shopping! The Christmas Fair offered the chance to find quality handcrafted toys, jewellery, interesting books, delicious food and beverages. Creativity found its place in this festive wonderland with many interactive activities and our special raffle prizes - Santa really didn’t joke when he said that wishes can come true :) After more than 2 hours full of surprises, happiness, carols and colorful lights, Santa sprinkled some more magical atmosphere onto the BSB campus and left all of us to simply enjoy it, believing in magic and wondering where it all comes from! Ho Ho Ho - It’s Christmas time! :) A Right Royal Day! The Royal Marines Band is coming to Romania and will perform at BSB We are preparing for a great and inspiring event, that truly honours us and we’re so enthusiastic to share it with you all! On Wednesday November 28th, The British School of Bucharest will be filled with the music of The Royal Marines Band! We are very pleased to welcome this unique band and our students, staff and BSB’s guests to listen and be inspired by its professionalism when creating military music. 24 members of The Royal Marines Band will be with us on Wednesday in the morning. A brass quintet led by Sgt Colin Hudson will be performing 3 sessions for our audience and, weather permitting, we have a planned performance from the entire band. We’re hoping for a sunny day! What is really exciting for the BSB’s pupils is that while the performances of the brass quintet take place, the other musicians not involved in these will work with our own instrumental students, giving them advice and sharing tips and tricks about instruments, technique and sound production. Some of these students have only started recently to play an instrument, others are more advanced. All are full of energy and ready to ask their questions and find answers directly from the experts. Sally Clark, Head of Secondary Music, Naomi Aves, Head of Primary Music and Jim Pywell, Coordinator of Instrumental Music have everything in hand and have organised everything in detail for this event to be a memorable one. We are certain that after this fantastic opportunity our students will find the trumpet, the trombone, the euphonium, the flute, the clarinet, the saxophone and the drums less intimidating and more fun to learn! “Such a great pleasure to have The Royal Marines Band at BSB! We are more than honoured to welcome this amazing band, for us to be part of unique music performances and all the BSB community, together with our guests, to live some royal moments. I really appreciate the professionalism, the love for music and the passion of these musicians and I have to thank them all for sharing some techniques with our students and coaching them too. For sure it will be a very interesting morning, in all ways. Special thanks to The British Embassy Bucharest for keeping this British relation tight”, says Philip Walters, Headmaster BSB. The Royal Marines Band is coming to Romania at the invitation of the Ministry of National Defence to participate in the military parade on 1st December, Romania’s National Day. The British Embassy Bucharest is using this occasion to mark the centenary year through some special events, such as this one at the BSB. We cannot wait to hear and be part of this royal story! ‘Lest We Forget’ to thank The First World War generation on Remembrance Day BSB is proud of a strong tradition in helping others and our pupils are always happy to ‘be there’ for those in need. Commemorative events bring the BSB community closely together - teachers and staff, children and parents. ‘Lest we forget’ was the main theme at BSB for the whole week leading up to Remembrance Day, when we were involved for the 10th year in the emotional and inspirational campaign organised by The Royal British Legion, a fundraising annual event held in November. Over the last 5 years, we have donated over 5000 euros to this worthy cause and we’re really happy to show in this way our respect for the First World War heroes. “It’s an honour to be part, year by year, in such an emotional initiative organised by The Royal British Legion, and an even more special occasion this year, for the 100 year celebration of the end of the First World War. For one week, the school was filled with poppies and it was a great chance to discuss with children about Remembrance Day, about sacrifice, respect and legacy. BSB is involved whenever possible in charity and tries to support the causes it really believes in. Donations to The Royal British Legion are some with a special symbolism. We have a long 10 year collaboration by now and we’re happy to see that, year by year, we are donating more to their cause, involving all the BSB community, from staff to students and their families”, said Philip Walters, Headmaster of BSB. For all those currently serving in the Armed Forces, veterans, their families and dependants, the BSB community engaged in the Poppy Appeal, wearing poppies in school for a full week before Remembrance Day and also selling them, together with poppy pins and arm bands, for a minimum donation of 5 lei. On Remembrance Sunday, alongside dignitaries, diplomats and high-ranking military personnel from many different countries, several BSB teachers and parents together with our Head Boy and Head Girl were at the Commonwealth War Cemetery at Tancabesti and laid a poppy wreath from the British School of Bucharest. The invitation came from The British Embassy in Romania which appreciates our involvement in the Royal British Legion’s charity events. We were honoured last year to receive a letter of gratitude for our important contribution. The poppy is a unique symbol in Great Britain and the Commonwealth, marking the end of the First World War and always associated with the 11th November, also called Remembrance Day. On this day, at 11am, the truce between the Powers of Entente and Germany came into force, ending the First World War and creating the conditions for the Great Union to be established in Romania on 1 December 1918. In this context, it is usual to observe two minutes of silence on the Sunday before the 11th November at 11am to honour the soldiers who sacrificed their lives during the First World War. The British School of Bucharest was, for the second time this year, the host of a COBIS Conference How can teachers and other school staff support children in developing a happy and healthy mindset? What are the blocks and barriers to well-being in schools? What about the children’s fears and emotions? But, most importantly, how should we talk to children? After a COBIS Conference on the subject of Marketing and Admissions organised at BSB last March, we were proud to host a further COBIS Conference on 9th and 10th November on the topic of ‘Wellbeing in the Digital Age’. Fifty delegates from COBIS schools from countries as far away as Brazil and Ghana came together to share their strategies in facing the complex and difficult issues associated with the ‘digital age’. Philip Walters, Headmaster of BSB commented “We are honoured to host this Pastoral Conference with such a challenging theme, ‘Wellbeing in the Digital Age’! It brings together amazing teachers, inspired speakers and challenging issues, in order to find out the key through wellbeing, so it creates an interesting plot to debate. In this era of technological development and rapid change in communication, schools need to understand developments and trends whilst also equipping children with the skills necessary to embrace innovation and adapt in the future. The relentless ‘24/7’ nature of social media, the prevalence of technology and the accessibility of extreme material is leading to many children and adolescents struggling to find their place in the world. They are faced with images, ideas and content that their parents and teachers have likely not directly experienced. As educators, we have a responsibility to develop our understanding of these issues in order to provide an effective pastoral system and support networks”. Speakers included Organised Crime Investigators, Forensic and Criminal Psychologists, Authors, Trainers and Consultants in educational issues and Online Safety, Social Media Awareness and Child Protection specialists. All contributed to make this Pastoral Conference enlightening and valuable. Many educational aspects were considered and debated with great energy and enthusiasm, with the outcome of practical solutions. Above all, care for children and a huge desire to support them in this complex area was very evident. Many thanks to all of the participants and speakers for joining us in recognising the vital importance of robust pastoral care systems. We look forward to meeting you all again soon! With great A level results, our graduates are now starting their studies at some of the most prestigious universities in the world! We are delighted by the great results achieved by our graduates. They received many offers to study in the UK and all over the world! With 35% A*- A grades for all A Level exams taken and 83% at A*- C grades, the BSB graduates once again proved the excellent standards of education here at BSB, alongside their amazing ambition, determination and desire to succeed! Some of the prestigious universities that will welcome our graduates and help them to secure further success include: Imperial College, University College London (UCL), Queen Mary, City – University of London, University of the Arts, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), King’s College, Istituto Marangoni and SOAS University, as well as, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne, Anglo American University (Prague), UCLA, Oxford, Universities of Warwick, Bristol, Bath, Edinburgh and Southampton! The academic interests of our graduates this year are varied. They include Mathematics, Economics and Management, Law and Applied Medical Science. Higher education courses selected also include the artistic and creative sector, with choices such as; Film, Music, Journalism and Fashion. We would like to share some of the specific course choices and destinations for our graduates: Octavia will study Economics and Political Science at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), Finn chose to learn about Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at The University of Bath, Anisia will study Medicine at The University of Exeter and Yeiji, Applied Medical Sciences at University College London (UCL). Laura and Luca decided on following their passion and love of fashion, by choosing to study Fashion Marketing at the London College of Fashion, part of the University of the Arts in London, and Fashion Design at Istituto Marangoni in London. Last but not least, we have the story of Mary. An ambitious student, with an artistic dream, who has achieved the highest possible A Level result in Art, after a tough exam! She started studying at BSB in 2014, when her level of English was close to beginner, and in just 4 years, with the support of our BSB teachers, she has performed superbly with spectacular results! The University of the Arts London (UAL), a Top 6 global university for art and design, according to the 2018 QS World University Rankings® and Europe’s largest specialist university for art and design, is now waiting for her to fulfil her dream as an artist! Her path to success was not at all easy. Mary’s final art exam consisted of four objectives: recording of observations, contextual investigations, development of processes and concepts, and a final piece. She had a ten-week period for this final piece and a 15-hour exam in which to give it her final touch. Romanian artists, coupled with famous artists from other countries, inspired her to come up with a spectacular result – a bronze masterpiece. All in all, we are all ecstatic for our BSB graduates and so proud for their performances! We wish them the best of luck and urge them to continue to write their own success story with the same ambition and determination. Embrace your dreams and conquer the world! Volunteering work During the summer, Ioana taught English in Koh Samui, Thailand. She spent 2 weeks teaching children from Year 1 to 5 in a school situated in a rural area of the island. She applied through a local company called Bamboo Projects and was accepted to participate in the programme. It was an amazing opportunity, as she experienced the authentic lifestyle of the island, living amongst the locals. Teaching the children was a very fulfilling experience for Ioana, our Deputy Head Girl, but it also came with enlightenment and surprises concerning the contrasts between our educational systems, especially when considering what she is used to. Overall it was the perfect combination of her passion for travelling and her desire to give back to the community. Excellent work, Ioana, we are very proud of you! Our students strike again! Team Malaxa represented Romania at the "F1 in schools" competition in Singapore! Malaxa’s car track time ranked 12th out of 50 teams worldwide in the final “F1 in schools” competition, in Singapore! We are so proud of our 5 young engineers and entrepreneurs, Emilia (Team & Marketing Manager), Lara (Graphic Design & Marketing Manager), Andrei (Financial Executive), Pavel (Manufacturing Engineer) and David (Manufacturing Engineer)! The only team representing Romania in this competition prepared tirelessly, for almost two years, to create a unique concept car and to make it as realistic as possible. Not only does it look magnificent, this beast performs like a real F1 car! What was the challenge about? Malaxa had to design and build a miniaturized car model that can reach 100 km/h, with an aerodynamic design, utilising compressed air propulsion. What did our fantastic students do? They created a miniature F1 model, a unique concept car made of polyurethane foam miniaturised to a scale of 1/20th and projected on a 1/20 scale. It has aluminum wheels of less than 0.5mm thick and the whole car weighs less than 40g (unpainted). It sports titanium axles and complex aerodynamics, resembling a real F1 car. Competing against 50 teams worldwide was not at all easy. The projects were judged by over 45 specialists from the industry, Formula 1 and education, taking into consideration the car’s speed and performance, alongside the team’s marketing strategy, graphics, financial plan and sponsorship strategy. After all these areas of review were taken into account, Team Malaxa was ranked 34th out of 50 teams worldwide. Team Malaxa is ready to raise the bar at the "F1 in schools" Competition! Team Malaxa is on its way to the F1 in Schools Competition, in Singapore. A 5-member team from our school is ready to rule the world, in one of the most challenging innovation contests, “F1 in schools”! We are immensely proud to announce that Team Malaxa, comprised exclusively of students from the British School of Bucharest, is the only team representing Romania in the finals. Emilia, Lara, Andrei, Pavel and David have dedicated a great part of their time to build an innovative car, with cutting-edge features and characteristics. They cannot wait to present their car to the world on the 9th of September, in Singapore. Let us all wish them good luck, and may they return home with great success! Secondary Awards Ceremony Our best wishes to all Year 13 students that will continue on their learning path to great Universities all over the world including: Imperial College London, The University of The Arts in London, Istituto Marangoni, École Hôtelière in Lausanne, Architectural Association London, Kings College London, Anglo American University of Prague, Hotel Management in Switzerland and many more. Congratulations to all! You make us very proud! Thank you very much Nicholas of Romania for joining us on this very special day. British School of Bucharest Summer Fair The annual British School of Bucharest Summer Fair is held each June on our beautiful, green campus. This is the most eagerly anticipated summer event, attended by students, parents, staff, friends and members of the public. This year’s Summer Fair was a tremendous celebration. We welcomed the sun and summer in our own way. Thank you to everyone for joining us and making this event so special! Early Years Open Morning, a great BSB event and a unique opportunity for parents and children to visit us! Last Wednesday was truly successful, with parents and their children, aged 2 to 5, taking part in our Early Years Open Morning event! They spent 3 fun- filled hours touring our great BSB campus and impressive facilities. They all enjoyed the amazing activities, both indoors and outdoors. We were happy to see the interest shown by parents, who wanted to find out how our BSB teaching staff take care of children taking their first independent steps and they also wanted to know more information about The Early Years Foundation Stage: Pre-Nursery, Nursery and Reception. They were impressed by our unique team of teachers and the relationship between them and the children. They were equally impressed by the special care and the safe, secure and happy environment we have here, at BSB. The Food Technology Studio, our Tree House and the science garden were also mentioned by the parents, as really interesting places for children to learn, relax and have fun. The children were really excited about all the activities in which they could take part. At the end of the tour, both children and parents had the opportunity to taste the food pupils eat on a daily basis at British School of Bucharest. It was highlighted at this stage, that for EYFS, snacks and lunch are included in the school fees. They were delighted to see that we are taking care of every single aspect, providing healthy, tasty and fresh meals, with nothing pre-cooked or fried. It’s all about keeping a balanced diet. Those who couldn’t take part in Early Years Open Morning and want to visit us, can do so anytime, even while on vacation. You are all more than welcome to join our BSB family! What do you have to do? Complete the registration form and book a visit on our website. We can’t wait to meet you and present to you our campus and all its facilities! Challenge accepted, mission accomplished! BSB’s team demonstrated its spirit of adventure, at Legion Run! We are proud to announce that a BSB team, consisting of staff and teachers, participated on Saturday 16th June, in Legion Run, at Divertiland WaterPark. It is an amazing sporting adventure, designed for those who love challenges! Our 26-member team did a great job and demonstrated that nothing is impossible, when you help each other and work like a real team, to conquer fears and overcome obstacles. ”Sometimes, we all need a little motivation” is the message of our BSB staff and they were full of motivation! Running, crawling, climbing, getting wet or muddy - nothing was too much or too hard for our colleagues! Stelian Stancu(football coach) and Tudor Atanasiu(teacher at Innovation Hub) were part of the team, as well as many of our IT, finance and office staff. Prince Nicholas de Roumanie, also joined the BSB team on this tremendous adventure. They all demonstrated that loyalty, determination and confidence are the keys in successfully taking part in an adventure like this! With all the benefits sport has, for mind and body, giving strength, power, energy and a positive spirit, our BSB staff and teachers are active members in a series of sporting events and activities. That is why they accepted, with great enthusiasm, to tackle the Legion Run challenge. They couldn’t miss out on this unique team building experience, designed to challenge and to be enjoyed by everyone! Their effort and passion for sports is a true example for the BSB pupils, who learn, day by day, of the many benefits of regular exercise, physical activity and sports. That’s why, our British curriculum offers them a huge range of activities, both curricular and extra-curricular, to develop and grow healthy, to have energy and strength and to learn the importance of teamwork. Thank you to our BSB team for this great example! We are so proud of every single colleague of ours and we hope they continue being active, living healthy lives and representing the BSB spirit in as many competitions as possible! Sports Day, a day filled with joy and energy, at British School of Bucharest! Last Friday was an amazing day for the British School of Bucharest’s students. They enjoyed many sporting activities, at Izvorani Stadium, taking part in an entire day dedicated to sport. More than 420 of our students, from EYFS to Y13, competed for their 4 Houses: Argeș, Mureș, Danube and Olt, demonstrating fair play and magnificent team work! The children battled for as many points as possible. Activities ranged from traditional track events such as 800, 400 and 100 metre races to agility runs, mini hurdle and shuttle races alongside field events including shot putt, long and high jump. They all did an amazing job, but there can only be one winning House and this year’s winner, Mureș House, claimed the trophy! The competition was made even more special with Marta Stuparu, the wife of Dan Stuparu, sensei 7DAN, at the event. She led a karate demonstration and presented the trophy to the winning House. She was truly impressed by the hard work and the energy of our students: ”I am very happy, because you have proved, that if you train hard and try to perform with passion and determination, then the results will always be successful. Whether you came first or last, it does not matter. Just being here and giving your all, makes you all winners in my eyes. You proved that “I can’t”, does not exist!”. We congratulate all our competitors for their tireless energy and we would like to thank Marta Stuparu for her kindness and support! She shared with our students Dan Stuparu’s memorable words: “Today, better than yesterday, tomorrow, better than today”, so, as she said, with this belief, the BSB children are invincible from now on! British School of Bucharest /