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      Pupil Achievements

      Volunteering work

      During the summer, Ioana taught English in Koh Samui, Thailand. She spent 2 weeks teaching children from Year 1 to 5 in a school situated in a rural area of the island. She applied through a local company called Bamboo Projects and was accepted to participate in the programme. It was an amazing opportunity, as she experienced the authentic lifestyle of the island, living amongst the locals. Teaching the children was a very fulfilling experience for Ioana, our Deputy Head Girl, but it also came with enlightenment and surprises concerning the contrasts between our educational systems, especially when considering what she is used to. Overall it was the perfect combination of her passion for travelling and her desire to give back to the community. Excellent work, Ioana, we are very proud of you!

      September 2018

      Fencing Competition

      Karina, our Year 9 student, participated this September in the first national competition of the season for fencing, the “Romanian Cup”. She won second place in the U17 category.

      Recently, Karina has won the title of National Champion, in both individual and team fencing competitions. Congratulations, you make us very proud! On Guard, Karina!

      November 2018

      Aquathlon and Triathlon Competitor

      It was a busy summer for Rebecca, a British School of Bucharest student and true athlete. She brought back lots of medals and trophies from the competitions in which she participated including, first place in the Titans Triathlon, Bucharest and the Delta Triathlon, Tulcea. Rebecca continued with her amazing performances recently and competed in the TriChallenge, Mamaia 2018, achieving a second place ranking in the national 12 year old girls category. Well done, Rebecca and keep it up!

      September 2018

      National Discus Champion

      A fantastic end to the Athletics season for Alexandra in Year 11. Not only did she win many medals over the summer, she also won Gold and the National Discus Champion Title, for her age group. We are very proud and wish her many more successes for all the competitions to come this year. Alexandra is managing sporting commitments alongside her studies and she will also be focusing on her IGCSE exam preparation in the coming months. Keep up the superb work!

      September 2018

      Team Malaxa - F1 in Schools

      A 5-member team from our school is ready to rule the world, in one of the most challenging innovation contests, "F1 in schools"! We are immensely proud to announce that Team Malaxa, comprised exclusively of students from the British School of Bucharest, is the only team representing Romania in the finals.

      Emilia, Lara, Andrei, Pavel and David have dedicated a great part of their time to build an innovative car, with cutting-edge features and characteristics. They cannot wait to present their car to the world on the 9th of September, in Singapore.

      For almost two years, they have worked tirelessly to create this car and to make it as realistic as possible, just like a real Formula1 car. Tudor Atanasiu, their teacher, was there every single step of the way with advice and assistance. The idea was to design and build a miniaturized car model, that can reach 100 km / h with an aerodynamic design by means of compressed air propulsion.

      What did our students do? They created a miniature F1 model, made of polyurethane foam and projected on a 1/20 scale. It has aluminum wheels of less than 0.5mm thick and the whole car weighs less than 40g (unpainted). It sports titan axles and complex aerodynamics, resembling a real F1 car. Not only does it look magnificent, this beast flies. It scored an extraordinary time of just under 1.1 seconds on a distance of 25m! Amazing or what? :)

      The Final contest will take place from the 9th-14th September, in Singapore. The teams will be scored according to the car’s speed-response and speed performance, as well as on the team’s marketing strategy, graphics, financial plan and sponsorship strategy.

      Good luck to our tremendous and energetic team! Be inspired, be confident and be proud of your work, because we all are! Team Maxala, you rule!

      The checkered flag is waiting for you!

      Ski Competitor

      We are very proud to announce that Diana, Year 8, is participating in the 2018 National Ski Alpine Championship of Romania. Last year she completed the Giant Slalom competition, achieving an impressive third place. We wish her the best of luck – our fingers are crossed for another successful year in both national and international competitions.

      January 2018

      Horse Riding Championship

      Congratulations to Lena for winning the Vice-Champion title in the Junior 16 category at the Final National Championships in Brasov.

      Lena, in Y11, turned in a great performance, missing the overall title by just one point. It is a true honour for BSB to have among us such a dedicated and talented rider.

      November 2017

      National Tennis Player

      Congratulations to Rafael for being selected to participate in the National Tennis team in the 11 years old category. BSB is very proud!

      November 2017

      Fencing Competition

      We are very proud to announce that Emma, our Year 12 student, won gold medal last weekend and the title of National Champion at the latest Senior Fencing Championship in Romania! Well done, Emma!

      November 2017

      10 Km Trail Running

      Congratulations to Philip in Y6 who achieved the remarkable time of 55 minutes for the 10km Trail Run in Baneasa Forest at the weekend.

      We look forward to following his progress as he is developing into an outstanding athlete.

      PADI Open Water & British Canoe Union Sea Kayak certificates

      Congratulations to David in Y6 who, during the summer vacation, obtained his PADI Open Water Certificate as a Junior Open Water Diver as well as the British Canoe Union Sea Kayak certificate.

      A great effort and we look forward to hearing of his further achievements in the years to come.

      Urban Rail Contest

      Congratulations to Tudor for taking part in October 2016 in the World Rookie Tour in Modena, Italy.

      Tudor turned in a great performance and we are very proud that he took part in the first urban rail contest in the history of the World Rookie Tour.

      F1 in Schools

      Following an intense competition and a demanding presentation to senior school staff and guests, RPD Racing have emerged as winners of the inaugural F1 in Schools competition in Romania.

      As a result they will go forward to represent both the school and the country in the World Championships in Austin, Texas next October. Ioana, Dilara, Harriet, Clara and Finn combined their abilities and ideas and worked hard to realise their dream of qualifying for the World Finals. However, the journey is only just beginning. They now need to raise the funds in the form of sponsorship for further research and development, travel and accommodation as well as entry fees and marketing costs. They face five months of pressure and hard work but will be rewarded with the experience of a lifetime. Their press release states that they "worked in a friendly environment with good communication, where teamwork was appreciated and sustained by all members. It was a useful experience for us to divide the workload into separate roles and everyone had the chance to make an important contribution to the project and to practice these skills for further life lessons".

      If you would like to get involved in the project please get in touch with the team (, follow them on Twitter and Facebook and look out for further information as we near the finals.

      F1 in Schools is the only global multi-disciplinary challenge that inspires students to use DT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership and teamwork, media skills and financial strategy whilst encouraging them to use those skills in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way.

      Fencing Competition

      BSB would like to congratulate Paul in Y7 for participating in two important fencing competitions in Szolnok and Budapest in December. In Budapest Paul caused a surprise when he passed the first round of direct elimination that follow two other preliminary rounds. Paul competed against fencers with a vast experience in international competitions. He is putting in lots of effort during his training both at school and outside. His progress is due to his commitment, passion, talent and courage.

      Robotics Competition

      Victor in Y7 recently achieved second place in a robotics competition in Germany.

      We are very proud of him especially because he was the youngest competitor. It was the first time that Victor manipulated the robot in a competition. He spent many hours after school, usually during Fridays and the weekend to build the robot. The team Victor leads was invited to participate in the Australian competition and received the award for creativity as well.

      Congratulations to Victor for creating and constructing this robot as well as the effort to go to Germany, which meant waking up at 4am on a Saturday, flying to Dortmund, participating in the competition for 7-8 hours and waking up at 5am the next day in order to catch the flight back to Bucharest to ensure that he was in school on Monday morning.

      Karting Championship

      Y7 student David won the final of the Romanian national karting championship for the 9 to 13 age group, held in Bacău in late September. In a nail-biting finish, David thought it was all over when he was passed on a bend in the last lap, but stormed through to overtake his opponent on the final straight before the finish line to claim first place on the podium.

      Ballet Competition

      Congratulations to our talented Andra in Y5 who took part with her ballet group in the Dance World Cup - Romanian Qualifier 2015. She took the Silver medal in the Group Ballet Category. Andra also took second place at the European Dance Union - Romanian Qualifier 2015. Both competitions are international and the number of participants is between two and three thousand! This year Andra will participate in both finals in Croatia for the European Dance Union - Romanian Qualifier 2015 and in Bucharest for the Dance World Cup - Romanian Qualifier 2015. Andra started classical ballet lessons when she was five years old. Two years ago she was selected for the academic section of the ballet school. This section includes very competitive groups who work intensively for around six hours per week. Andra is keen to take part in many ballet competitions and we wish her good luck!

      Hair Donation to Little Princess Trust

      A few weeks ago, I donated about 30cm of hair to a charity called Little Princess Trust, which helps children who have cancer. The hair donations that they receive get sent to China where they are made into wigs. Donations are highly appreciated, as one wig made out of natural hair would cost about $250. I wanted to donate my hair because my hair was too long, and I thought that if I was going to cut it, then I should donate it. I don't need such long hair, but maybe someone who is less fortunate might want a wig while they are going through cancer treatment. If you are thinking about cutting a lot of your hair off, please think about donating it to a cancer charity, as it would be amazing. If you are seriously thinking about donating your hair, then here is the website of the charity that I donated my hair to:

      COBIS World Debates

      Congratulations to our fantastic team of debaters who took part in the COBIS World Debates here in February. At the time of writing we don't know the outcome but a full report will appear in the next issue. Schools from as far afield as Mexico, Nigeria, Norway and the United Arab Emirates converged on the school for what was a fantastic weekend. This followed hot on the heels of the annual Mastermind competition which was won by Mures. In a hard fought contest the level of general knowledge was impressive. Special mention must be made of Ana Maria in Y9 whose knowledge of the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy was astounding. Other specialist subjects included German Weaponry of World War II, the Percy Jackson stories, Asteroids and the computer game Vainglory. Well done to everyone involved and to the question setters.

      Snowboard Contest

      We would like to offer our congratulation and best wishes to Tudor in Y7. Tudor is a keen snowboarder and this year he will be participating in a series of competitions that are under the banner of the World Rookie Tour. This is the most prestigious series of worldwide youth snowboard contests. He is competing in the 'Grom' category which is for young people up to the age of fourteen.

      Tudor has taken part in many different festivals, including one in Italy and this year he aims to build on his past successes by aiming to get onto the winners' podium. If he can score a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place then he will be able to compete in the Rookie Finals in Ischgl, Austria with a chance to have a go at the title of World Rookie Champion. He is setting his sights high, but why not? It will require a lot of training, but of course, keeping up with his studies at school is a priority!

      As he enters the next series of competitions, we will keep our fingers crossed for the best results. Wish him luck!

      COBIS/King's Group Student Leadership Scholarship

      We are pleased to announce that Gruia, our Head Boy, is the recipient of the 2014 COBIS/King's Group Student Leadership Scholarship. Following the Leadership Conference in Madrid in October, participants were invited to submit short films about their experience. The films were assessed by a selection committee and Gruia was selected as the winner of the scholarship which will be awarded when he is enrolled at university. "The experience accumulated in Madrid has proven to be a most invaluable asset for my future. Public speaking, presentation tactics and applied media strategies were all skills developed during the conference. Constantly exciting and without a dull moment, the Student Leadership Conference was a well-knit combination of Madrid's art, King's College's wisdom and the World's knowledge" says Gruia.

      PADI Open Water Course

      Congratulations to Victor in Y5 who is now a certified diver after he successfully completed a PADI Open Water Course in his Easter Holiday and pass the exam at the end of the course. The marine life with its beautiful corals and fish is now accessible for Victor. His brother Marc, his parents and all at BSB are very proud of him!

      Music Festival

      Tabitha in Y6C competed in the Godalming Music Festival recently and performed outstandingly throughout a gruelling weekend. She achieved first place with distinction in Humourous Verse (with thanks to Miss Oliver), first place in Religious Text, first place in Narrative Prose and first place again in Sight-reading for which she also won the Speechskills Trophy. She is also a member of a ballet group that have recently qualified for the final of the Dance World Cup which will be held in Portugal during July. This will be preceded by the final of the European Dance Star in Croatia at the end of May. We will follow her progress with interest.

      Tabitha is pictured with her certificates from the Godalming Music Festival and in a typically graceful pose at the Dance Star finals in Romania.

      Donations to Casa Ioana

      Staff and students have been supporting an initiative to raise funds to buy a washing machine for Casa Ioana. Thanks to their generosity, two washing machines have been purchased and installed. Upon payment of a donation, staff entered a fiendishly difficult quiz written by the Principal! Well done to everyone involved. If you want to have a go at the quiz you will find it published in full at the back of the magazine. Answers will be printed in the next issue.

      PADI Open Water Course

      Congratulations to Finn and Joe for getting their PADI open water diving certification during the summer. This involves knowledge development and study of the principles of scuba diving, combined and open water dives.

      Karting Circuit

      Congratulations to Robert who won the 2nd price at Barcelona GP3 Karting Circuit this weekend. Well done, we are very proud of you!

      National Piano Competition

      Congratulations to Stefan in Year 7 who won the First Special Prize in the National Piano Competition.

      World Scholar's Cup

      Congratulations to our AG & T students for their exceptional results at the World Scholar's Cup this weekend in Dubai.

      Hyo Min came second, Csenge came third for two different essays. Due to exceptional performance in the debating event Eda was selected by the debate adjudicators along with 5 other students from the senior division to take part in the debate showcase in front of an audience of over 500 people.

      Due to these great results, all the students have qualified for the Global Round in Bangkok in June.

      Bucharest Bicycle Race

      Congratulations to Tudor who participated in the Bucharest bicycle race this weekend. Tudor rode 55km in 3 and a half hours.

      Igloo Competition

      Congratulations to Mihnea and Tudor who won the Grand Prize in the Igloo Competition. They entered a competition with over 100 other entries from all over the world.

      Mindless Behaviour

      Congratulations to Fin for his BBC TV debut with the band Mindless Behavior. Great dancing, we are proud of you Fin! Mindless Behavior Mrs Right BBC Friday Download 2012

      Origin of Life

      Young Scientist Journal has published Ana's essay, one of the BSB former student

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