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      Crazy Hair Day at BSB

      Last week we celebrated Crazy Hair Day. As you can see, we take it pretty “seriously”, though it is all for a good cause.

      Thank you for your kind donations that will support the activities of Casa Ioana and Light into Europe

      Poppy Appeal 2017 fundraising

      Poppy Appeal 2017 Fundraising

      As a key element of our annual Remembrance events, the Poppy Appeal in November raised funds for The Royal British Legion. This is organised in Romania in conjunction with the British Embassy whist the British Legion provides care, advice and support to veterans and Armed forces personnel and their families.

      We want to thank everyone involved.

      We were delighted to support this charity, and to have raised over 6500 RON through the purchases of poppies in school and at the hugely enjoyable British School Quiz Night organised with the support of Friends of BSB.

      Maya The Mouse book launch

      BSB was delighted to host the launch of Maya the Mouse book. Daniel Kearvell, BSB parent and author, shared his story of Maya the Mouse, along with illustrator Dan Ungureanu. Our students loved the story about being different and learning illustration tips with an expert.

      Profits from the sales will be going to ‘Te Aud Romania’, a very special charity based in the Suceava region which aims to improve the lives of poor and disadvantaged children in the North-East of Romania. You can take part in this charity project, ordering the Maya the Mouse book and toy online from

    • Harry Potter Book Nights at BSB

      It was a magical event at BSB.

      The Harry Potter Book Nights brought the spells and characters of Hogwarts to life.

      One thing is certain: it's fun to be a wizard!

      Thanks to the hard work and creativity of our staff and students, the Harry Potter Book Nights were a great success.


      Our students have enjoyed their break time and the first snow of this winter. Happy times here at BSB!

      It's been a fantastic term here at BSB - check out our new look magazine here. We wish you a happy holiday and look forward to seeing everyone back at school on the 4th January.

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      Congratulations to Saeyoun in Y6 who designed this year's BSB Christmas card. Happy Holidays to everyone!

      BSB Open Debate competition

      The inaugural BSB Open Debate competition featuring international and local schools from Bucharest took place on Saturday 9th December. This was initiated and organised (superbly) by Ioana and Sara, two Year 12 students of whom we are extremely proud

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      BSB Christmas Fair 2017

      The Christmas Fair was definitely the highlight of last week! On Friday, December 8th, BSB parents, children and staff had the best time! In an amazing atmosphere, Santa arrived in a helicopter in front of the children who had gathered to welcome him. Visitors enjoyed their time, buying gifts from the local artisans and charity organisations in a festive atmosphere. Takanaka treated us with festive food and fresh beverages. The raffle tickets were sold out, another sign that the BSB community is always willing to contribute to different charity organisations readily.

      A superb laser show followed by splendid fireworks announced the lighting of the campus.

      We would like to thank all our partners, sponsors, staff and friends of BSB for creating a special event announcing the winter season.

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      BSB Christmas Fair 2017

      Make a note of the date: Friday, December 8th. Don't forget to by your raffle tickets, as lots of great prizes are available to be won. The tokens and the raffle tickets will be on sale next week, inside the small white tent next to Takanaka Bistro.

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      Remembrance Day

      Our students have taken part in various Remembrance events in the last week.

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      Thank you to all our Parents, Friends and Staff for their support in organising the Primary Halloween Celebration.

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      Highlights from the First Half Term at BSB

      Another busy, successful and happy first half term of the academic year at BSB has ended! Here are some highlights of the many activities that have taken place.

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      BSB Athletes at Bucharest Marathon

      Congratulations to all of the staff who ran in the Bucharest Marathon on Sunday, 15th October. Special mentions for Mrs Smith and Mrs Batson on completing their first half-marathons. Great effort!

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      Friends of BSB

      We are pleased to announce the formation of Friends of BSB. The purpose of The Friends of BSB (FBSB) will be to encourage communication and a strong working relationship between all stakeholders that nurtures educational growth at BSB. It will also organise volunteers to support the work of the school and promote a welcoming and caring community throughout the school and parent body.

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      Cafe of Cultures

      The Cafe of Cultures was a huge success - a truly memorable and fun day for everyone involved! This year, our vibrant BSB Community was represented by stalls from the following countries: United Kingdom, South Korea, Romania, Austria, United States of America, South Africa, Greece, Russia, The Netherlands, Canada, Turkey, Venezuela, Czech Republic, Egypt, Italy, China, and France.

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      BSB Innovation Hub

      The Innovation Hub is back up and running for another year - more cars, more engineering and more F1 in Schools. The team proudly presented their accomplishments during a visit from the local press.

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      F1 in Schools

      This Sunday, BSBs F1 in Schools team participated in Renault day. Renault day is a summer-fair type event where thousands of people come and enjoy what Renault has to offer including test drives of their cars, getting a tour of the factory, driving an F1 simulator (beside an actual F1 car).

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      Welcome BBQ

      On Thursday 21st September over 300 parents and students enjoyed the Welcome BBQ held in school. With entertainment for the children and fine food and drinks provided by the chefs from Takanaka, it was a fantastic opportunity for new families to meet existing parents in a relaxed atmosphere.

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      Great Britain Athletes at BSB

      The school was visited recently by Paralympian James Ball, who represented Team GB in the Rio Olympics, and Joe Roebuck an Olympic swimmer. Visiting as part of the 'Athletes in Schools' programme the Team GB athletes held inspirational assemblies with students followed by sessions with all age groups.

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      Monday 4th September - A New Academic Year Begins

      BSB is delighted to welcome new and current pupils, parents and staff back to school for the 2017/2018 academic year! We hope this will be an exciting year, guaranteed to keep BSB pupils busy with academic opportunities, new activities and engaging events whilst also ensuring teaching excellence and creating a strong sense of community on campus!

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      HR Agents of Change - 21st June 2017

      On the 21st June at 5.30pm, BSB will be welcoming CEOS, HR directors and heads of departments from Romanian and foreign companies to our campus for an engaging evening filled with discussion and entertainment.

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      Primary Enrichment Days - June 8th

      If you think campus is looking a little more dazzling, you have BSB Primary to thank!

      Primary and Early Years had a special end to last week: on the 1st and 2nd of June, they enjoyed two full days of Primary Enrichment. For those of us who are less sure about what Primary Enrichment Days are, sit tight and enjoy the story.

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      First place for Stefan at the "Friends of the Piano" Competition - June 2nd, 2017

      BSB's students never fail to prove their talent and skill: on Monday the 22nd of May, three of our school's pianistss went up against tough odds at the 'Friends of the Piano' competition. And without further ado, we raise our proverbial glasses and congratulate Vlad from Y7, Jordan from Y6, and Stefan from Y5 for their excellent performances. Whilst Vlad and Jordan played their pieces with technical and emotional fluency, it was Stefan who took home first place for his age group.

      We congratulate Stefan and applaud his hard-work, determination, and passion. This week, we managed to catch up with Stefan and ask him a bit about himself and his love of piano.

      - Hi Stefan, congratulations for first place! Could you tell us a bit more about the competition? What did you play?

      Stefan: 'Thanks! The competition was a big event at the Romanian Athenaeum and we were separated by age group. I knew it would be challenging so I picked difficult pieces to stand out: a Mozart Fantasia and an Etude by Heller.'

      - Wow! And how long have you been playing piano?

      Stefan: 'I started some basic piano when I was little (Stefan, now aged 10, is very grown up) but I've only started really learning to play since 2015. So I've been playing for two years.'

      - That's very impressive. Finally, will you tell us a bit about yourself?

      Stefan: 'Aside from piano, I like quite a lot of things: football, karate, video games, YouTube, and creating funny stories to tell my friends. I have a competitive nature but I am also really friendly.'

      - Thank you, Stefan!

      Gold for BSB - Congratulations, Manuela!

      BSB congratulates Manuela, Y7, for her fantastic performance at the COBIS Secondary Games and for achieving the gold medal in the girls' long jump.

      The COBIS Games, held in Sheffield (UK) this year, were no small occasion. For the girls' long jump alone, Manuela faced 49 girls, largely Year 8 and older, from 27 COBIS Schools and 17 countries around the world. Against these odds, Manuela triumphed. Not only did she win gold, but Manuela broke her own personal best by more than 2 metres: Manuela achieved an incredible score of 4.83 metres and secured first place by almost half a metre!

      At first, Manuela got off to a rocky start: she was over the take-off mark in the first jump, and then took some time adjusting her run to compensate in the second jump. Ultimately, Manuela decidedly took the girls' long jump with her third and fourth dramatic leap.

      Being one of the first jumpers at the event, Manuela was immediately noted for her skill and dedication by her competitors, who spent the day "chasing her" and trying to outdo her perfect score. But as we know, Manuela's outstanding performance was unbeatable. It was only Manuela who had no idea she made a clean sweep in the competition and found out only the next day, when she heard about her victory during a results announcement.

      BSB'S Got Talent! - May 25th, 2017

      We congratulate all the participants of our annual talent show for their creativity, their style, and the effort placed in each and every single one of their performances. Our finalists for BSB'S Got Talent 2017 are:

      Casiana, Eshaal, Lyla, Livia and Carla 3C - Dancing

      Andu 4H - Electric guitar

      Sofia and Heidi 4H - Singing

      Bendert 4D - Singing and ukulele

      Maryum, Hooriya and Jack 6F - Comedy

      Krystof and Veronika 7C - Dancing

      Iarina 7C - Singing

      To those who did not make it through to the final - remember, there is always an opportunity next year. And of course, to our finalists we wish the best of luck with their preparations for the Talent Show Final at the Summer Fair, on Saturday, June 10th. See you all there!

      Back to Natural - 19th May, 2017

      A crucial question we all face in life and one that Dr Douglas Graham asked the students at BSB today is, 'what is a healthy lifestyle?' - Indeed, how can we best extend our youth, our energy and ultimately, our lives?

      BSB's students and parents had the privilege to listen and take part in talks Dr Graham gave to different year groups. As a former American athlete and long-time raw vegan, Dr Graham has a global reputation and has worked with famous athletes, celebrities, and people looking to improve their lifestyles. Today's talks delved into the real components of a wholesome diet and the central role that doing exercise occupies in a healthy life. Both students and parents found the talks very inspiring and were surprised at how simple natural solutions to diet and exercise can be.

      For those who did not get the chance to come today, there is opportunity to sign up for the talks tomorrow. Saturday's events will run from 10am to 6pm and will even include a sports workshop hosted by Dr Graham.

      Sports Day Victory Revealed! - May 8th, 2017.

      The assembly atmosphere was tense, eyes wide, and ears ready as it was announced that...MURES has won Sports Day 2017!

      Huge congratulations to everyone in Mures for achieving 734 points, especially to Emma (Senior Captain) and Hasan (Junior Captain) who led their house to victory. It was a close call with Danube surpassing Olt by one point to snatch second place with 730 points, Olt in third with 729 and lastly but not far behind, Arges came forth with 726 points.

      We also congratulate Danube, whose tireless efforts won them the overall Key Stage 2 victory and Olt, who were our Key Stage 3-5 victors. Nevertheless, Mures took the day and we are very proud of their hard work!

      PTA Barbeque - May 2017

      Doesn't an afternoon and evening filled with good food, music, and games sound sublime?

      The PTA has organised the perfect event for students, parents, and staff to kick back and relax, whilst also supporting a great cause. On Friday the 5th of May, between 3:30 and 7:00pm, the PTA is hosting a barbecue in aid of World Water Day.

      Tickets are on sale and going fast! The cost of the tickets (ranging from 30-50 RON) secures all food, drinks, activities and entertainment for the day. To buy a ticket, please log into the Parents Portal. For any questions, leave the PTA a line on their Facebook Group at

      Last but not least, we once again convey our congratulations to our students for their fantastic performance during Sports Day. But now that's through, aren't we all looking to replenish our energy levels for an exciting term to come?

      School Magazine
      This term's edition of the school magazine "@BSB", formerly Newsblast, is now available to view online. Please feel free to share it with friends and family and we look forward to receiving your comments.16th December 2016

      The tea-time concert and lighting-up ceremony were a great success last week. After performances from the orchestra, choir and soloists, the audience moved outside and mingled with staff and other guests to see a fabulous projection on the school building and a fine display of fireworks. Thanks to everyone who attended and to our friends at takanaka for the vin fiert and cozonac.

      5th December 2016

      The first team to represent Romania at the F1 in Schools World Championship

      RPD Racing team are representing both the school and the country in the F1 in School competition in Austin, Texas for the next ten days. Good luck, Ioana, Dilara, Harriet, Clara and Finn!

      F1 in Schools is the only global multi-disciplinary challenge that inspires students to use DT to learn about physics, aerodynamics, design, manufacture, branding, graphics, sponsorship, marketing, leadership and teamwork, media skills and financial strategy whilst encouraging them to use those skills in a practical, imaginative, competitive and exciting way.

      13th October 2016

      Duke of Edinburgh International Award

      The school has been awarded continued status as an operational unit for the Duke of Edinburgh International Award. The Bronze and Silver Award groups were out and about this weekend hiking through the fantastic Romanian countryside. For further information contact office@britishschool.ro19th September 2016

      Celebrating Success at BSB

      Half of the exams were passed with the best possible result (A* and A grade).

      A student at BSB will enter the second year course at University in Scotland

      Following the release of the latest A level results, the British School of Bucharest is celebrating outstanding success. With a 100% pass rate amongst the cohort of Year 13 students, all of the students will be continuing their studies in universities in the United Kingdom and around the world. The results are even more remarkable given that we are a non-selective school. We are proud that all of our students achieve to their best, helped by our personalised approach which gives each child careful guidance and individual support as they choose their path to success.

      Amongst some excellent results, several students achieved at the very highest level possible. Head boy Mohammad Faisal will be heading to University College London to study Economics following his 3A* and 1A performance. Meanwhile Andrei Atanasiu, who has studied at BSB for 14 years, leaves school armed with 3A* grades to study at one of the world's Top 10 universities. Abdullah El-Rifai achieved results of 3A* grades which will enable him to pursue further studies in Engineering at Edinburgh University in Scotland, entering the second year of the course.

      Head of School, Philip Walters commented, "Our students and their teachers can be very proud of these impressive results. Their grades reflect the benefits of our balanced education where co-curricular and leadership opportunites are pursued alongside academic study. I am sure that our continued success is also a result of our careful attention to personalised pastoral care. We do our utmost to ensure that each child in our care achieves to their highest potential and enters higher education fully prepared as well-rounded and confident young people."

      The A level is a benchmark examination in the United Kingdom that is recognised as a pre-university course throughout the world. We are a non-selective school, but take pride in our aim of sending all our graduating students to the highest ranking university that is best-fit for them. Most students from the school pursue further studies at universities in the United Kingdom but many study throughout Europe and further afield. The expert team of advisors at the school guide the students to choose the right subjects and courses that are best suited to their career aspirations and skill sets.

      For further information on the students and their successes please contact the Head of School, Philip Walters on

      School may have finished for the year but work still goes on and the F1 in Schools team have been working hard on their publicity. If you want to get involved in sponsoring the team or just want to know more please email

      RPD on

      Congratulations to RPD Racing, a team made up of Y10 and Y12 boys and girls, who were the eventual winners of the F1 in Schools competition. A lot of hard work is ahead of them before the World Championships in Austin, Texas next October. Good luck!

      Congratulations to our 6 Primary participants in Saturday's Public Speaking Competition. All six delivered strong speeches. Special congratulations to Irina and Alan for receiving "Honourable Mention" certificates, and to Stephanie and Thea for both winning first place in their categories.

      Fantastic work!

      Congratulations to all of our students on their IGCSE results. 97% of exams were passed with an A*-C grade with 73% achieved at A*-A.

      These represent our best ever results and is due reward for all the hard work of students and teachers alike.

      Congratulations to Helen Stevens who has been published this month in the book "Playful Pedagogies: How Young Children Learn in International and Multicultural Settings".

      Available on amazon using the following link:

      COBIS Annual Conference 2015
      At the recent Annual Conference of COBIS, the leading schools in the world when measured by social influence on twitter, were announced.

      After a year of activity with many departments and teachers involved, BSB now ranks 5th in the world amongst COBIS schools. This time next year we hope to be top of the pile. If you aren't already following the school then please do @britishschoolro The more followers and retweets we have the faster we will climb the league table.

      Congratulations to all staff and students who took part in the Colour Run on Saturday 25th April 2015. A great effort from all concerned.

      BSB's Colour Run 2015 - video

      Dear Parents,
      This year the BSB Sports Day will be held on Thursday 30th April 2015.

      The BSB Sports Day is an annual competition between our school's House Teams, an event which all children from Creche and above take part, and parents are invited to join and support their child(ren). We hope to see many of you there.
      Further details to follow.

      Kind regards,
      BSB Team

      Please be advised that today the school has opened the registration process for 2015-2016 school year and the registration files will be sent to you today.

      You may be familiar with our registration procedure, but please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Department at for any further enquiries.

      Kind regards,

      BSB Team

      End of term is fast approaching with all of the Winter Productions in full swing along with musical recitals and preparations for next week's Carol Service.

      We are also looking forward to welcoming all of our parents to school on Friday for our annual Artisan Fair. With plenty of opportunity to purchase Christmas Gifts for family and friends, musical attractions, food stalls and the raffle we are anticipating a fabulous afternoon of festive cheer. Oh and don't forget that Santa will be making an appearance and his grotto will be open for the younger members of the family. We look forward to seeing you there.

      BSB Team

      Dear Parents,
      The British School of Bucharest School will be taking part in this year's Jeans for Genes Day on Friday 19th September 2014.

      Jeans for Genes is an international charity raising money for children with genetic disorders, to fund the care and support they need now and the research which could change their futures.

      Students and staff are invited to wear their jeans on Friday 19th September to help Jeans for Genes reach its target. All students should still wear their regulation school uniform top, such as shirt or a BSB polo shirt and ordinary regulation school shoes should also be worn. We would like everyone to take part so please send your child into school on the day wearing their jeans and with a 10 RON cash donation, which they should give to their form tutor at morning registration.

      During break and lunch times this week a number of pin badges will be on sale around school which will be priced at 5 RON each.

      If you would like to know more about Jeans for Genes Day, you can visit the charity's website at. We are grateful in advance of your support.

      Kind regards,
      BSB Team

      The British-Romanian Chamber of Commerce has been presented with an AWARD FOR EXCELLENCE IN CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY 2014 for its excellent initiative allowing students to get a real understanding of the World of Work.

      The relationships created with the Junior BRCC at BSB emphasize the role of business in a wider society through the engagement, support and collective participation of members.

      Dear Parents, Please be reminded that the school will be closed between 7th and 21st April. The administration office will be open throughout this period.

      We look forward to welcoming the children back on Tuesday, 22nd April. Thank you, BSB Team

      The British School of Bucharest proudly presents 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' on 19th and 20th March, 6 pm at Fratelli Studios.

      Tickets can be picked up from Reception.

      Dear Parents, Please be advised that today the school has opened the registration process for 2014-2015 school year and the registration files will be sent to you today.

      You may be familiar with our registration procedure, but please do not hesitate to contact the Admissions Department at for any further enquiries.

      This the PTA is hosting a coffee morning in the Parent's room to welcome new and old families to a new school term. We would love to meet you there!

      Each week they award a school FabSchool status for work on integrating ICT into the curriculum. The school was entered, and won, for its use of ICT in the University programme highlighting the film making University run by Mr. Paul Curtis. BSB is the first international school in their Hall of Fame.

      eTreble9 is run by former police officers in the UK, they have featured on the BBC and encourage responsible use of social media by schools.

      Each week they award a school FabSchool status for work on integrating ICT into the curriculum. The school was entered, and won, for its use of ICT in the University programme highlighting the film making University run by Mr. Paul Curtis. BSB is the first international school in their Hall of Fame.

      Good luck to the house-captains and vice-captains leading their classmates at the Primary Inter-House Tug of War competition on Wednesday, 18th December.

      Local Artisans will sell a variety of exclusive and local products, such as jewellery, crafts, candles, toys and more. Come and enjoy some international food and drinks, seasonal songs and a warm atmosphere!

      Dear friends, we are happy to invite you to our annual Artisan Fair, Friday 13th December from 1.30 to 4.30 pm.

      Local Artisans will sell a variety of exclusive and local products, such as jewellery, crafts, candles, toys and more. Come and enjoy some international food and drinks, seasonal songs and a warm atmosphere!

      Congratulations to all members of the BSB community for helping raise £1100 in conjunction with the British Embassy.

      The school raised nearly half of this amount and as a consequence has received a note of thanks from Ambassador Harris. Well done to everyone for supporting this cause.

      Mr. Farrell today departs for Murcia in Spain with BSB's Head Boy & Head Girl to attend the Cobis Head Boy & Head Girl Conference.

      Hundreds of schools' head pupils will gather at the King's College school to work around the theme of 'Inspiration Through Innovation' and then return home to implement some of the learnings.

      Congratulations from all at BSB to our students on their superb exam results in 2013. A fantastic achievement and the result of much hard work by students and their teachers.

      Year 10-11 81% A*-C Year 12-13 100% Pass rate 83% A*-B

      BSB is delighted to announce that we have received the Eco Schools Silver Award for a commitment by the whole school to make our premises more environmentally friendly.

      The Silver Award has been achieved by the children completing 7 steps towards reducing the school's energy use, culminating in our Eco Week activities and Eco Code Competition. Through the children's hard work and dedication to the cause, we have been able to significantly reduce the amount of energy we use in school.

      The British School of Bucharest Sports Day and Ilie Nastase Sports

      Beneath blue skies, BSB's annual festival of sport brought the whole school together in a spirit of friendly competition. The school's four academic 'houses' (Mures, Arges, Olt and Danube) competed in a range of track & field events for the seniors, with other, less strenuous activities for the younger children. The ultimate goal? To win for their respective house the coveted Ilie Nastase Sports Trophy and to receive the impressive award from the Romanian sporting legend in person.

      A record number of parents were in attendance to cheer on their children (and no doubt soak up the sun) along with a great many members of school staff, all intent on making it a successful and safe day for all involved.

      Congratulations to the winning Olt House team for a narrow but well-deserved victory for the second year in succession. So the challenge is on for the other three houses to try to break this winning streak in 2014 and be the team to share the winners' podium with Ilie Nastase.

      The British School of Bucharest joins the Romanian and international world of martial arts in mourning, following the death on Sunday morning of Sensei Dan Stuparu, President of the Romanian Traditional Karate Federation and Vice President of the International Traditional Karate Federation.

      Sensei Dan tutored BSB students for over 10 years and was an inspirational figure to all of our young people. His wife, Marta, teaches Karate at BSB and to her and all of the family we extend our sincerest condolences.

      BSB triumphs at the AISB Talent Contest. Students from Bucharest schools competed in a talent show recently at the American School.

      The standards were very high, with the judges and audience suitably impressed. First prize for the Solo Performance went to BSB's Tudor, Y13, for his piano rendition of Pirates of the Caribbean, by Jarrod Radnich. Congratulations to Tudor and to everyone involved and thank you to AISB and the event supporters.

      This weekend, 28 BSB students represented the school at the Atlantis Cup Swimming Gala.

      The children brought home an incredible 29 medals between them (10 gold, 10 silver and 9 bronze), so congratulations and well done to everyone involved.

      BSB teachers joined twelve students on a school trip to compete in a regional round of the World Scholars Cup recently.

      We entered two junior teams and two senior teams to the competition, which involved a day of writing, exams, debating and quizzes on subjects based around the theme A World in Motion. Our teams excelled themselves and time after time they were called up to receive both team and individual awards. Three of our four teams qualified for the global round, held this year in Dubai, where they will encounter 1000 of the best qualifiers from all over the world. They will also get the chance to explore this emirate and meet students from many other schools.

      As part of their second AG&T project this year, KS2 pupils Finlay, Alex, Ilayda, Charlotte, Lena, Karin and Irini entered a competition requiring them to pen a story using exactly 80 words.

      After several weeks of experimentation and editing they came up with their final entries which were sent to the 'Young Writers' organisation. This is a great website for all aspiring writers who enjoy entering their work in competitions: We're thrilled to announce that all seven of their entries were considered to be worthy of publishing and will be included in an anthology, due to be published in June this year. We are delighted to announce that we are the first international school to achieve the Silver Level Primary Geography Quality Mark (PGQM). This award recognises quality and progress in geography leadership, curriculum development, learning and teaching.

      IStip Inspection

      In BSB's first year offering induction for each Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT), the school has received an outstanding report from representatives of the Independent Schools Teacher Induction Panel (IStip), who visited the school in March 2013. The subsequent report stated that all involved were to be commended on their good practice and tight processes, especially in the first year of participation. The day of the visit involved an extended meeting with the Induction Coordinator (IC), short meetings with each of our NQTs and an afternoon of training for the IC, the subject mentors and prospective subject mentors. The training was interesting and worthwhile and, as in-service training is always much appreciated, proved to be the most valuable part of the day. It was encouraging too to receive such a ringing endorsement of our methods and standards.

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