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      Sports Day

      Each year the entire school moves off-site for a day of sport. It is one of the most eagerly anticipated days of the year. From fun activities for Pre-Nursery and EYFS to traditional athletic pursuits for older children, everyone competes for their House.

      After a hard fought day of competition, from the egg and spoon race to the 100m sprints the winning competitors are presented with their spoils. There are medals for those who have earned them and the overall winners are presented with the Sensai Dan Stupari trophy. The delight on the faces of the winning students is clear for everyone to see whilst the others ponder defeat and plan for next year's challenge.

      The event builds on the teamwork and camaraderie that the House system generates with staff also taking part in the traditional Staff versus Students relay. The role of parents and supporters in the success of our Sports Day cannot be underestimated. Children love to be cheered and they revel in the atmosphere created.

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