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      Special Educational Needs

      The SEN Department reflects the School Aims of valuing each individual equally and providing opportunities for all students to:

      • fulfil their potential
      • develop confidence and self esteem
      • enjoy and value learning
      • develop personal responsibility and respect

      The fundamental objective of the SEN Department at the British School of Bucharest is to provide the support framework for students requiring assistance with their learning.

      The SEN Department works with students with:

      • learning difficulties
      • medical issues
      • behavioural and emotional difficulties

      Our SEN Department has the support of an Educational Psychologist to help us provide in the most effective manner for pupils with Behavioural, Emotional and Social Development needs. Such expertise provides teachers and parents with necessary guidelines to support these students inside and outside of the classroom as well as providing individual counselling sessions for students and/or parents if required.

      With respect to other Cognition and Learning Needs, the SEN Department at BSB provides teachers with guidance to adapt their lessons to specific needs and individual support guidelines through the development of Individual Educational Plans and subsequent regular review. There are a number of targeted support sessions within Primary and in Secondary, this type of support takes place as often as possible via in-class support rather than withdrawing students from their lessons. We also liaise with external agencies such as speech therapists for Communication and Interaction Needs.

      The SEN department organise access arrangements with external examination boards to provide students with appropriate support at this time whether that be with extra time in examinations, a reader, scribe or other provision based on the students' needs.

      BSB has in some cases developed parallel syllabi for students whose needs were more severe so that they could continue in main stream schooling but with adapted curriculum. We cannot, however meet the needs of students with:

      • Severe Learning Difficulty (SLD) - significant intellectual or cognitive impairments. Mobility, communication, perception or co-ordination difficulties.
      • Profound and Multiple Learning Difficulty (PMLD) - physical disabilities or sensory impairment.
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