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      House teams

      Each child is allocated to one of four Houses upon entry to BSB, named after rivers of Romania: Arges, Danube, Mures and Olt. Pupils are able to win House Points for good behaviour and contributions to the community as well as taking part in the many House team events. The Houses compete to win the coveted House Trophy at the end of the academic year.

      House Points - Primary

      House Points are given for positive social behaviour e.g. kindness and thoughtfulness to others and contributions to the school ethos (both staff and pupils). House Points are only used positively and never deducted. House Points are collected from each class on a weekly basis and announced in assembly. A running total is displayed in the Newlands Hall.

      House Points - Secondary

      Points are awarded to each House based on their success in competitions throughout the academic year. House Points are also awarded for the collective academic effort of each House taken from each reporting session. House Colours are also awarded to individual students who demonstrate enthusiasm and support for their House. At the end of the year a trophy is presented to the House with the most points and a BSB House Award is presented to students who have shown particular commitment to their House and School.

      BSB House Champions

      2016-2017 Mures
      2015-2016 Arges
      2014-2015 Mures
      2013-2014 Mures
      2012-2013 Danube
      2011-2012 Olt
      2010-2011 Arges
      2009-2010 Danube
      2008-2009 Mures
      2007-2008 Danube
      2006-2007 Arges
      2005-2006 Arges
      2004-2005 Olt
      2003-2004 Olt
      2002-2003 Mures
      2001-2002 Mures
      2000-2001 Mures

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