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      Duke of Edinburgh's Award

      The Duke of Edinburgh's International Award is the world's leading personal development programme for young people aged between 14 and 24 years. Regardless of origin, economic or social background of the young person, the programme improves life and gives them a chance to excel and be recognised internationally for it.

      Supported by the British Royal Family HRH Prince Philip as Patron, the Global Award is now accessible to young people in Romania under the patronage of HRH Princess National Margarita of Romania. The International Award has been running at BSB since 2010. It is more commonly referred to as The Duke of Edinburgh's Award and is now run in over 100 countries and recognised in many more.

      The Award brings together new knowledge, fun and nature so that every young person can share in memorable experiences and develop life skills to help them in the future professionally and personally.

      The Award is a personal development programme for young people aged 14 - 25 and is made up of four sections: Expedition, Physical Recreation, Skills and Service. In each level young people volunteer their time and set themselves a personal challenge. There are 3 levels to the Award: Bronze, Silver and Gold. Students start their Bronze in Year 10, Silver in Year 11 and Gold in Years 12 & 13.

      The Award teaches students at BSB to become independent learners, it builds their confidence and challenges them to think for themselves and learn how to be self-sufficient. They work as an individual and as part of a team, and learn what role they play, and how to evaluate and learn from their experiences. It is a valuable opportunity and a great enhancement to their everyday studies.

      The Award is comprised of three levels and four sections. Participants complete all four sections at each level in order to achieve their Award. At Gold level, participants also complete a Residential Project. The three levels to the Award:

      Bronze: for those over 14 years (Year 10). 6 months minimum participation.

      Silver: for those over 15 years (Year 11). 12 months minimum participation

      Gold: for those over 16 years (Year 12-13). 18 months minimum participation

      The four sections of the Award:

      Service - Participants volunteer in their communities, make a positive contribution to society and demonstrate social responsibility.

      Physical Recreation - Encourages young people to improve their fitness and performance and enjoy healthy lifestyles for good mental and physical wellbeing.

      Skills - Enables participants to develop their talents, broaden their abilities, increase their self‐confidence and improve their employability.

      Adventurous Journey - Young people discover a spirit of adventure and gain a deeper understanding of the environment and the great outdoors.

      Residential Project (Gold only) - Participants broaden their experience by staying in an unfamiliar environment with other young people, taking part in a worthwhile project and building new relationships.

      IA Bronze Expedition & IA Silver Expedition

      Great time spent in the mountains by the Bronze and Silver Award students for the Duke of Edinburgh's International Award. Congratulations to all of you!

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