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      The study of science forms part of the core curriculum within the British education system. As such, all students at BSB are expected to study integrated science at KS3 and specialised Science subjects (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) at KS4 and KS5. At KS4 and KS5 students may opt to take one, two, or three of the Sciences.

      All Science lessons are taught in one of four fully equipped laboratories. We are keen to develop our students' skills and value the inclusion of practical work in the curriculum.

      The Sciences at BSB are an increasingly popular choice at GSCE and A Level, with many students opting for more than one science at GCSE and increasing numbers of A Level students. Of course examination results are important, but at BSB we do not want to promote the sciences as purely theoretical and students of all ages benefit from regular exposure to experimental work and fieldwork in order to develop their investigation, analysis and evaluation skills. Such an approach encourages our students to view scientific problems in an imaginative and creative way and, hopefully, allows them to appreciate the wonder of Science.

      The Science Faculty at BSB firmly believes in a practical, investigative approach to learning. This of course allows for copious amounts of fun experimental work. Our aim is to train students to ask questions and develop a line of enquiry based on observations of the real world, alongside prior knowledge and experience.

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