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      Innovation Hub

      One of our most popular Co-Curricular Activities is taking place in our new Innovation Hub. Here a passionate group of students are working on a fully electric single seat vehicle starting from scratch. Utilising the myriad of tools available in the Hub, students craft in metal, as well as wood, using metal lathes, mills, CNC routers and bandsaws to name a few. There are no instructions or clear-cut paths to follow as these are created by the students themselves. Each group is thus free to put into practice any design they please; limiting the project only to the limits of the materials and the mind.

      The final aim of each team is to produce a drivable electric car chassis, body and drivetrain then race it on the Tunari track. Following that, each team is free to improve and innovate their car adding whatever they deem worthy to their design from autonomous driving capabilities to an additional seat or remote control functionality. This part of the project is student driven and is open ended.

      Catch up on all that is going on in the Innovation Hub by following their facebook page

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