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      Trips and Visits

      At BSB we value and support the outside of classroom experiences and we provide the children with the opportunity to join a variety of educational visits and trips. These experiences help students to develop their critical thinking, self-confidence, identity, their ability to relate to others, reflective judgment, interest in the welfare of others and decision making.

      The school offers trips throughout the year for all age groups. Our younger children visit Herastrau Park and the Village Museum as well as undertaking trips to other local attractions. Children from Year 3 upwards will enjoy expeditions week towards the end of the academic year. Years 3, 4 and 5 will venture outside of Bucharest on residential trips whilst Year 6 students attend a PGL camp in the UK. Secondary students also embark on field trips to the Danube delta and elsewhere. There is the annual ski trip and other opportunities that in recent years have seen students visit France, China, London, Texas and Spain.

      Teachers plan these visits carefully to help reinforce ideas and concepts linked to an area of study, and where possible there are financed with the standard school fees. The class teacher and an assistant will accompany any offsite visit and parent helpers may be asked to make up an acceptable adult child ratio.

      Typical day visits throughout the year have included trips to:

      • Aricesti Rahtivani Children's Farm
      • Fundatia Inocenti Children's Hospital
      • Berceni Community Medical Centre
      • Second Chance Charity
      • The Goethe Institute
      • McCann Bucharest
      • Local Galleries & Museums

      To enhance the learning that takes place in the classroom and to provide a more 'hands-on' experience to reinforce learning, trips involving an overnight stay or longer are also arranged. Each year the school runs a number of trips:

      • Year 3 One night residential within Romania
      • Year 4 Two nights residential within Romania
      • Year 5 Four nights residential within Romania
      • Year 6-13 a number of week-long international trips. Recent trips have included Venice, Berlin, Madrid, London, Paris.
      • Annual week-long ski trip outside Romania.

      The school often runs a number of trips relating to subjects taught, such as geography, business studies and drama to various locations and international festivals.

      In addition to the educational trips, secondary students take responsibility for their own learning when they participate in out-of-class activities and events that enrich the educational experience:

      • Orientation
      • Symposium
      • Our work experience program helps the students to develop a portfolio of out-of-class learning experiences.

      In addition to off-site learning, our school facilities provide fantastic opportunities for learning beyond the four walls of the classroom: school pond and science garden, vegetable garden in Ringwood etc.

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