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      Native Language Classes

      At BSB we see the international background of our students as a real asset that deserves cultivating. We encourage students to continue using their native language and to learn about the culture of their countries of origin during after school Native Language Classes.

      Currently we are offering Romanian, French, German, Mandarin and Spanish for native speakers in after school clubs throughout the school year. Other languages such as Greek, Turkish and Italian are offered occasionally by volunteering parents who have teaching experience in the respective language. We consider these classes as an important supplement to the British education that we provide following the National Curriculum of England.

      The purpose of the Native Language Classes is to foster the enjoyment of speaking students' own native language and to bring the culture, the literature and the history of the countries where it is spoken closer to our students. Within the framework of objectives, primary students joining these classes focus on learning to read and write. This is can be particularly useful with the view of a potential return to their country of origin. Students who stay in contact with their native language and culture will find it easier to repatriate in the school system of their home country if they choose to return there.

      The activities cater for all abilities and age groups. The Native Language Classes are offered on a rotation system for KS1, KS2 and KS3 students. There is the possibility for KS4 students who wish to take on university studies in their native language, to prepare for IGCSE examinations in German, French or Spanish as First Language (Year 10 and Year 11).

      To conclude, at BSB we strongly believe that being confident to speak, read and write correctly in one's own native language is part of being a global citizen.

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