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      The Orchestra is the School’s largest musical group, and it has been growing and improving steadily during the past 3 years. By arranging the music specially, we can accommodate participants of mixed ages and abilities. Less experienced players can improve their ability by learning from their older or more experienced colleagues. Participants learn to work in a team towards creating a performance, and also learn the basics of professional orchestra rehearsal discipline. We made this video in the way that a pop video is made. First, the music room was turned into a temporary recording studio to record the music, then the orchestra went to different locations for the video shoot, where they played the piece again many times!


      At BSB we aim to give all students the opportunity to develop their musical performance, analysis and composing skills using all of the facilities the Music Department has to offer. Students are challenged by a variety of practical tasks using a wide range of instruments and by studying music from a broad spread of cultures. We believe that all students have musical potential and even those who do not choose to follow a career in music can develop useful cross curricular skills, such as coordination and teamwork.

      Outside of the curriculum, students are encouraged to participate in ensembles and to perform in events such as the House Music Competition and School Recitals, which helps to develop their sense of community and their ability to cope with performing in front of an audience.

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