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      From the HeadMaster

      Most parents, I think, would agree that an ideal school will ensure that their children feel safe, happy and valued, whilst being stretched and supported academically and experiencing a wealth of opportunities outside the classroom. All of this should be coupled with clear values that will help their children develop and grow into responsible global citizens. I believe that BSB is such a school. I am proud to work alongside our children and with our committed and experienced staff in what is often described as an exceptionally friendly and welcoming community.

      We aim to lay foundations for outstanding, life-long learning. Our Primary School curriculum promotes the growth and development of children through enjoyment, enquiry and innovation whilst students develop robust academic skills and high levels of emotional competence. Learning is personalised to ensure that our students receive a relevant, provocative and challenging education. Our emphasis on developing skills in problem-solving, collaboration, investigation and self-evaluation prepares children for the challenges of further education.

      Within the Secondary School, we focus on offering an academic education of the highest quality coupled with the traditions and values of a prestigious and forward-looking independent school in the UK. We expect our students to develop the ambition to compete globally in whatever careers they choose to enter and they leave us to study in a variety of high-ranking universities around the world.

      Our students develop highly impressive personal qualities, primarily because we believe this is right but clearly such facets will help them stand apart in an increasingly competitive global job market. Attitudes of individual responsibility, respect, resilience and concern for others are promoted in our curriculum and co-curricular activities.

      I urge you to come to visit us should you have the opportunity.

      Philip Walters,

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