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        The unique team of teachers from British School of Bucharest provides high standards and an ‘excellent' quality of education

        Graduates of Oxford and Cambridge and other prestigious Universities choose to be teachers in Romania, at British School of Bucharest.

        British School of Bucharest’s unique team of teachers has developed generations of successful students, providing a strong intellectual foundation to continue their education in the most prestigious universities around the world.

        This highly qualified BSB teaching staff, in charge of building the next generation of successful citizens for tomorrow’s society, has great experience in the British curricula, with 40% of them having more than 10 years of expertise in this system.

        British School of Bucharest is the only British School in Romania rated as ‘excellent’ for both “the quality of pupils’ learning and achievements” and the “quality of pupils’ personal development”.

        “The good progress of the BSB students is a result of teaching that is well-planned and effectively delivered” was one of the conclusions within the 2018 ISI report. The latest UK Independent School Inspectorate (ISI) report judged British School of Bucharest as “excellent” in educational quality. The key findings were that “the quality of pupils’ learning and achievement is excellent” and that “the quality of pupils’ personal development is excellent”. This is an outstanding result for the school, in particular for the teachers and leadership team. The report also mentioned that “Good behaviour in lessons results from motivating teaching which reflects teachers’ extensive subject knowledge and understanding of the pupils’ needs. Appropriate teaching methods lead to effective learning throughout the school”.

        Our students have achieved remarkable results and performances over the years, which gives their teachers and school’s staff great reason to be proud. Many of BSB graduates decide to continue their studies in the UK, while others prefer European countries or the USA or even other continents, in countries such as South Africa or South Korea. BSB graduates, with impressive results at A level exams, which is a benchmark examination in the United Kingdom and is recognised as a pre-university course throughout the world, have received offers to continue their studies from universities such as: London School of Economics and Political Science, Imperial, UCL, UCLA, Queen Mary, University of Glasgow, University of Amsterdam, University of British Columbia, University of Warwick, University of Bath, University of Bristol, University of Edinburgh and many others.

        The school encourages the students’ fulfilment of individual potential and the growth of self-esteem and self-confidence in all areas: academic, social and personal, which empowers them to study further, based on their skills, abilities and dreams. The proof is evident in the varied areas of study they follow, from Business, Management, Engineering, Maths, Economics, Science, International and Political Studies, to Law, History, Medicine, Languages, Architecture, Art and Environmental Studies.

        Philip Walters, BSB Headmaster, joined BSB in 2012. He is a graduate of the University of Cambridge, having studied Geography at Christ's College. He taught for many years in a highly selective UK grammar school, before moving on to the international sphere and a position at Harrow International School, Bangkok. He worked for seven years in Thailand as a Head of House and ultimately as part of the senior leadership team, serving in the role of Head of Sixth Form. "BSB is a very special international school. BSB is particularly noted for the strength of its pastoral care and sense of community amongst the international student body. With an exclusive native English-speaking teaching staff, BSB creates an environment that develops knowledge and respect for different cultures, values and beliefs, active and responsible citizens of the world community. My children love being a part of this close-knit, caring community. They have a vast range of opportunities and love coming to school. It is a great privilege to work alongside our dedicated, hard-working, highly talented staff that help to make BSB unique", he said.

        The school offers over 100 Co-curricular and Extra-curricular activities for students to choose from, based on their skills. Debating is one of those classes and the BSB team has participated and achieved many successes in local and international competitions, over the last six years. Elisabeth Citron, also a teacher at British School of Bucharest and a graduate of Jesus College, University of Cambridge, is the main debating coach. She joined BSB in 2012, as a Modern Languages teacher and is currently Head of Modern Languages. She has mentored many students who have gone onto study Languages at prestigious universities and she remains highly impressed by the depth of linguistic talent at BSB. "It has been great fun and a privilege to work with many talented young debaters here at BSB. I share their nerves as they compete, but have enjoyed witnessing their growth in debating skills and self-confidence”, she said. She also mentioned, “It is wonderful that so many of our students are fluent in three or four languages. Equally impressive is the speed at which many of our students develop their English language alongside new proficiency in French, Spanish, German or Mandarin".
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