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      Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

      Creche, Preschool, Reception

      Philip Walters
      Head of School
      Victoria Smith
      Head of Primary School
      Dan Batson
      Deputy Head of Primary School
      Paul Gildea
      Deputy Head of Primary
      Raina Myson
      Class Teacher
      Loredana Barbu
      Teaching Assistant
      Preschool V
      Priscilla Varban
      Class Teacher & EYFS Coordinator
      Andreea Agafitei
      Teaching Assistant
      Adriana Sima
      Teaching Assistant
      Reception D
      Kate Dibble
      Class Teacher
      Claudia Usturoi
      Teaching Assistant
      Reception B
      Jenna Batson
      Class Teacher
      Adriana Ciolofan
      Teaching Assistant
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