University Destinations

University Destinations

Most of our students move on to university on completion of their A Levels, with the clear majority taking up offers from their first-choice institution. Many pupils progress directly to university, while others choose to pursue a gap year project first.

The sphere of university destinations chosen by our pupils is becoming larger, both in terms of the number of UK institutions and courses, and applications to a diverse range of countries arising from an increasingly global perspective. American universities in particular are featuring ever more prominently, with many students attracted by the Liberal Arts model and the high quality and range of campus facilities on offer. European universities are also beginning to attract attention, along with more distant destinations such as Canada.

June 2019

The list of current destinations for our students includes the exceptionally prestigious Universities of Cambridge, Warwick, Lancaster, Bath, UCL, Imperial College and Southampton in the UK and in the US, UCLA and the Ivy League’s University of Pennsylvania. This is alongside many other excellent destinations which have been added to this year with students moving to the new destinations of the University of Essex, University of Liverpool, University of Glasgow, University of the West of Scotland, Delft University of Technology, Computer Science and Engineering Amsterdam, dBs Berlin, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, and University of Popular Arts Berlin.

So far, this year, 19 students received offers to continue their studies from 81 Universities after they graduate from the Britsh School of Bucharest.This reflects a gradual and measured growth showing an increase compared to 2018, when 17 students received invitations from 76 top Universities, while in 2017, 16 students received 65 offers.

June 2018

Examples of destinations and degree choices of our 2018 cohort are as follows:

University Course

City University


LSE, London

Government and Politics

Imperial College London

Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Queen Mary, London


King’s College, London

Applied Medical Science

King’s College, London

French and Management

University of the Arts London

Fashion Marketing

King’s College, London

Mathematics with management and finance

University of the Arts London


Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne

Hotel Management

Istituto Maragoni, London

Fashion Design


Hotel Management

Anglo American University, Prague

Journalism and Communications

Romanian Music School