Teaching robotics and computing within the national curriculum for England

Technology plays an important role throughout the National Curriculum for England, and nowhere more so than in Computing. Not only do we aim for students to become adept, sensible and safe users of technology, but we also place a strong emphasis on computer science, teaching children to create through programming and basic electronics.

As well as the coding that takes place on screen, we believe it is important for our students to engage with and control actual physical objects, using simple circuit boards and components, such as motors and LEDs, as well as different switches and sensors. To support this area of the National Curriculum for England, our Primary students can learn about robotics using Lego Mindstorms EV3 kits. Once they have built and mastered the basic motion controls of their device and explored the various inputs, such as the ultrasonic proximity sensor, students are given complex tasks for their robot to complete autonomously. Our Primary students love learning and having fun with these robotic kits and our teachers equally love using them within lessons!

We build on this learning in Secondary with Computing, which is available on the curriculum throughout the school and as part of a variety of CCAs.

Hopefully some of our students will be working for organisations such as Google or even NASA before long!