Lower Key Stage Two


Children were expected to:

  • Observe the rules and expectations of BSB’s Acceptable Use Policy at all times while engaging with Google Classroom and other online resources.
  • Read through the schedule of activities each day at 8:30am, and ask for help during the Class Meet if there is something they do not understand.
  • Attend the daily ‘Class Meet’ at 9:00am, to check in with teaching staff and classmates, as well as to have any questions answered.
  • Engage with tasks daily.
  • Hand in classwork through the Classwork section of Google Classroom so that these can be marked and returned. Please refrain from posting work on the Stream.
  • Be punctual to all relevant Google Meet sessions scheduled, and inform teachers in advance if you cannot attend.
  • Ask teachers and teaching assistants for help when needed.
  • Take breaks between tasks and at lunch time.
  • Try to get some physical activity each day.
  • Finish their school day at 15:00, as normal.

Parents were expected to:

  • Support children in establishing routines that fit the family’s ways of working in order to accomplish tasks set.
  • Ensure that children take breaks, away from a computer or device, between lessons/tasks and encourage them to get some regular physical activity.
  • Share any exciting news or children’s accomplishments with teachers.
  • Use office@britishschool.ro to request virtual meetings with teaching staff, ask questions and offer feedback on the Online Learning Programme.
  • Contact Mrs Smith, Head of Primary, through office@britishschool.ro with any concerns, questions or feedback.

Teaching staff were expected to:

  • Post a daily schedule of activities that children should aim to complete.
  • Host a ‘Class Meet’ at 9:00 each school day.
  • Be available to respond to students’ questions throughout the school day, between 8:30 - 15:00.
  • Maintain everyday expectations for assigning work that is appropriately challenging for each student.
  • Whenever appropriate or required, provide video and live instruction when presenting new material.
  • Assess and return all classwork submitted, within the expectations of the Marking and Feedback policy, providing feedback and targets for future development where appropriate.
  • Offer live ‘Meet’ sessions, as appropriate, in order to maintain and nurture pastoral relationships with students, as well as to answer any questions and give feedback.
  • Offer a weekly ‘office hours’ opportunity for contact with parents.
  • Respond to emails within 24 hours.
  • Be open to feedback provided by parents and students on their experience of online learning and share this with the Primary Leadership.


Children will be expected to complete tasks in line with our normal timetable for the school week, the number of which will generally mirror the number of lessons in each subject in a normal week. All Primary curriculum is delivered through Google Classroom and can be accessed through your child’s school login for bsbonline.net. Please contact your class teacher through the school office for login details, or if you are experiencing any difficulty with accessing the material.

In Lower Key Stage Two, teachers will aim to provide the following, though there may be occasional exceptions:


One activity per day

English - writing

3 activities per week based on current topic/theme.


1 Spelling/Grammar activity each week


20 mins of reading each day (Bug Club or other reading material).

Half hour guided reading group with TA every week


1 written or practical activity per week.


1 written or practical activity per week.


1 activity per week


1 activity per week


Daily contact with each child (and parent) via stream or Google Meet to confirm ‘attendance’ and give relevant feedback/advice. (Google meet drop in 9am every day)

Those not engaging in lessons to be considered ‘absent’. Illness to be recorded as such on notification by parent.

Weekly, social, small group Google Meets to discuss any issues and for children to maintain contact with each other and have a bit of a ‘catch up’


Daily activities offered

Music and MFL

Number of tasks will be equal to the number of lessons per week. These may include Meets.


These alternate each half term. One task per week in either Art or DT, depending on the term/topic, though these may be covered through projects in other subjects.