National Curriculum for England

Why Choose a British Curriculum?

The British School of Bucharest offers the National Curriculum for England. This is often referred to as the British Curriculum. British education emphasises performance, but it also always focuses on a child’s broader development. While the acquisition of knowledge is vital, it is not sufficient to guarantee success. All learners must develop their full potential to challenge and discover their world.

Wherever in the world students learn the British Curriculum, it is the same. We know how important this is for parents who might need to move their children to a different school, often to a different country when their job requirements change. We understand that parents are looking for educational stability for their children.

One of the great strengths of the British Curriculum is the level of individual, tailored support it affords pupils from a very young age, with students learning at the pace and intensity that suits them, even within a single lesson. At BSB, this is taught through native English-speaking teachers.

We welcome approximately 650 students each year, aged 2-18, and teach them in modern classrooms with an impressive pupil to teacher ratio. This ratio ensures a personalised and highly supportive learning environment which is part of a richly diverse learning community, with students representing around 60 nationalities.

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