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      BSB University

      The BSB University was created to help personalise the pupils' learning at the school and teach them skills that would not normally be offered through the National Curriculum for England.

      Three times a year the pupils are offered a range of courses that they can choose from. The Key Stage 2 pupils are required to submit a letter of application outlining why they feel they should be accepted onto the course.

      Staff at the school run the courses during school time and they are supported by parents and volunteers who all have skills which they pass onto pupils. Courses range from sewing to cooking and from gardening to hat design. At the end of each University course each pupil receives a certificate that outlines the skills they have learnt in the course.

      As the University programme moves into its 10th year, a wide range of exciting opportunities continue to be available for children in KS1 and KS2 on a Wednesday afternoon. The different courses available offer skills from drama, dance, music, art, crafts, electronics, food technology, historical studies and languages.

      Several new and exciting courses have been offered this academic year, including 'DIY Organic Products'. The aim of the course has been to teach pupils that many products that we buy can be made using simple, household ingredients and it is a lot more fun and satisfying to do so. Probably the most successful item pupils produced was the 'Bath Bomb', which was made using baking soda and citric acid. 'The Show Must Go On' for Y5 and Y6 supported the pupils in developing their own piece of drama which they performed to the Key Stage 2 children. 'Crumble Electronics' is challenging, with small teams of pupils given the task of designing, making, wiring and programming interactive movie adverts, using a basic circuit board, LEDs, motors and infrared sensors - as well as a lot of card and tape!

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