Toddlers' Group

Learning to socialize from a young age

The British School of Bucharest Toddlers' Group is a fun and creative group led by young parents. It is suitable for children under four years of age. 

Each week, parents and children sing songs, read stories, play together as a group and share a snack. 

The group's main aim is to develop the children's motor skills through various fun activities that encourage creativity while improving social interaction by communicating, sharing and playing with children in the same age group.

It is unnecessary to have a child enrolled at BSB to participate in the Toddlers’ Group - families outside the school are also welcome to join in the fun! 

Toddlers really enjoy playing with lots of exciting and engaging toys and having fun with other toddlers.

The group's activities take place on the BSB Campus on Monday from 09:00 to 10:45, although under the current circumstances with COVID-19, this activity has had to be suspended until further notice.

Please note that the British School of Bucharest is not responsible for the content on these external pages and, as usual, we advise you to monitor your children’s online activity.

BSB is adapting to the current climate. Some information on the website is available for normal School activity. Due to COVID-19, there may be changes in the way School works, but all staff are fully operational and can be contacted via