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Romania, a Country of Contrast

Located in Eastern Europe, Romania is the 9th largest country in Europe by area, with very diverse landscape and beautiful nature.

“A country of contrast”, “uncontaminated nature”, “Bucharest is the little Paris, an upcoming and vibrant city”. While looking for information regarding Romania and Bucharest, you probably would have come across these quotes and wondered how accurate they were.

They are all true and we would like to give you a quick introduction to the country of contrast you are considering moving to.

Let’s start with the cities. The capital of Romania is Bucharest with approx. 2,2 mil people. The second-largest city is Cluj-Napoca, followed by Timisoara, each has a population of approx. 350 000 people.

Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca and Sibiu are the 3 most expensive Romanian cities for tourism, accommodation and going out, compared to others such as Brasov, Timisoara or Oradea.

Bucharest is a fast-developing city, extremely active and vibrant. It offers pretty much everything you can think of for a capital city in Eastern Europe. There are plenty of things to do, the level of spoken English is really high, and the international community has been growing constantly over the past 5 years.

Our expat community at BSB has given some thought to what will help you to become familiar with the city and the country…

Our first piece of advice is, don’t stop looking. Whatever you are trying to find is probably there, you just need the patience to discover it. Some of the things that we think should be widely advertised are not and it takes a little more research to locate them. In the end, you can find pretty much everything you need here. Online communities are very active and can possibly help.

Secondly, explore and enjoy the city and the country. You will find and experience much contrast, and this is part of the culture and the vibe you get from the country. From beautiful landscapes to extremely busy cities, from peaceful mountains to crowded beaches it is all worth seeing and exploring.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask. Romanian people are very welcoming and helpful. Whilst at first, they may seem distant and detached, you will find that soon enough they will invite you for dinner at their place. From the minute you meet them you will understand that language is not a barrier - the level of foreign languages spoken is high.

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Quick facts about Romania

  • Romania is a NATO member since 2004 and part of the European Union since 2007.

  • The local time in Romania is Eastern European Time (EET) +02:00.

  • The country code to call a Romanian number is +40.

  • Romania has one of the world’s fastest and most reliable internet connection in the world (6th place globally, to be precise).

  • Cellular receptions and coverage are very good all over the country

  • In Romania the single nation-wide emergency telephone number is 112

Weather and climate

Romania has a temperate continental climate, with four distinct seasons. Summers (June-August) are hot with 33-38 C degrees, winters (December-Feb) are cold (-20-0 Celsius), while spring (March-May) and autumn (Sept-Nov) are as unpredictable as ever: cold in the mornings and evenings (8-18 C), warm and sunny during the day (18-26 C).

Visa requirements

Citizens of the European Union member countries do not require a visa when entering Romania. Citizens from most countries of the world can get a visa on arrival at the airport (US, Canada, Australia, etc). Unless you’re on this official list from the Foreign Affairs Ministry of countries that need a pre-approved visa letter (mostly from Africa, Middle East or Asia). There are no special visa requirements for tourists to enter Romania.

For more info on conditions of travel and entry, you should check the Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa website section here. You can find the Romanian embassy in your country here.

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