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      Applying to university

      The British School of Bucharest follows the National Curriculum for England from EYFS up to Year 13 when students take their A' level examinations for university entrance. With the qualifications gained from BSB, graduating students are able to go on to study at university anywhere in the world

      Applying to universities in the UK

      Students wishing to apply to universities in the UK will apply through the UCAS system in the UK which is available online and administered by the school. The UCAS website is extremely useful:

      Applying to universities in Europe

      There are a number of websites which will help with finding suitable universities, courses and entry requirements. Many of these also provide information about the education systems in each specific country allowing students to make informed choices about the course they might select and the location in which they would like to study. Once possible universities have been identified, students should go to the university's own website and check the available courses and entry. An application form should then be requested from the University's Admissions Office. Sometimes application forms are available online but usually students need to ask for one to be posted to their home address. There will be other documents which will need to be sent back to the university with the application form.

      Applying to universities in the USA

      In most cases, students should contact chosen universities directly to apply. The following websites have comprehensive information about the application process (including an application timeline) and information on required standardised tests. Below is a selection of helpful websites.

      - this website also includes information on applying to universities in the UK and Australia

      The Post-16 Coordinator and Head of Pastoral Care are available to provide help with selecting universities, courses and navigating university websites. Students can obtain help in school with application forms, personal statements and staff are always happy to provide references as required. There is no substitute for comprehensive research.

      General Information Websites about Study in Europe

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