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      After BSB

      Good examination results widen a pupil's choice of university but, in the context of a lifetime, they do not determine success.

      Since our opening, in 2000, our ambitions for BSB students can take the long view: what sort of friend, colleague, husband or father, wife or mother will they be? Will they live a life of learning, leadership, service and personal fulfilment, in their youth, middle-age and later years too? Is the world a better place because they are part of it?

      Whilst many of these attributes are difficult to measure, for most BSB students the first big step after School is a university career. Some of our students take up places at highly selective institutions, including Oxbridge, Russell Group Universities and the Ivy League: we believe these destinations speak for themselves. Our aim is to guide and help each student to reach their highest possible academic attainment and best-fit university destination wherever that may be in the world.

      And what of later life? We continue to produce young adults who go on to be leaders in their chosen professions and of good influence in the world, taking inspiration from values that have been embedded at school, at home and from our community.

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