Who could tell us about BSB’s school life better than our current and former students, as well as parents?  

The British School of Bucharest prides itself on creating the best international school where every student is cared for, respected and treated equally.

Here you can read and watch some of the parents and students' testimonials and the impact BSB has had on our tightly knit BSB community members. 

EYFS Toddler Group Testimonials 

"My son asks every day if we can go to Toddlers' Group! He has learned so much about sharing and socialising with the other toddlers and babies that attend. He has also learned to be independent and happily leaves me to go and play by himself, which is a real pleasure to see. We are thankful that the British School of Bucharest and the parents at the school provide this group!"

EYFS Mother 

"The coordinators are doing a fantastic job making everyone feel welcome and organising snacks and crafts every Monday. There is a clear structure to the morning, but at the same time, plenty of opportunities for children to explore and (in our case) crawl around."

EYFS Father

"For me as a mum, the Toddler Group is a great chance to meet other parents and to learn from them. Hearing lots of languages besides English is also exciting."

EYFS Mother 

"There are so many toys to play with and also fantastic resources for crafts offered by the school."

EYFS Father 

"We absolutely love the British School of Bucharest Toddlers' Group! Our baby girl joined the group as a baby (4 months)."

EYFS Mother

Senior Students Parent Testimonials 

"BSB's teachers were constructive and understanding, and they helped my son to decide what he wants to do for his future. I want to say a big 'Thank You' to all the teachers! It was such a hard year, everybody being so stressed, it was the worst time to get through, but they really made it as stress-free as they possibly could."

Year 13 Mother

"I really appreciate the openness of the teachers. I give full marks to BSB. I had an outstanding collaboration with the school and with its teachers."

Year 13 Mother

"BSB is worth every minute spent in traffic bringing our son from outside Bucharest to the school and back home every day. When you pass through the gates, you feel like you are entering a small British territory within Romanian borders. I think BSB has significantly succeeded in establishing a British footprint and an international environment in Romania."

Year 13 Father

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