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      Entry Requirements

      Academic Year 2018 - 19

      1. Initial visit

      Parent(s)/guardian should fill in the online form accessible via the "Contact Admissions" section. On receipt of the form, the Admissions office will make contact in order to arrange a convenient time for a visit.

      During the visit, the parent(s)/guardian will be advised of the online registration process, which needs to be completed in full, with all supporting documentation attached, in order to begin the registration process.

      2. Registration File & Acceptance

      2.1 Documentation requested when applying for the first time to BSB:

      • Two completed Registration Files
      • Student's proof of age (copy of passport/birth certificate)
      • Two passport sized photographs of the student
      • Copy of parents' or legal tutor's passports/ID card
      • Copy of previous school report - if applicable
      • BSB Medical Form – this will be sent to the parents/guardian by email
      • Copy of the vaccination file
      • Assessment Tests - For applicants for Years 3 to 12
      • Modern Foreign Language Form - For applicants for Years 3 to 11. This will be sent to the parents/guardian by email
      • KS4/KS5 Form - For applicants for Years 10 to 12. This will be sent to the parent(s)/guardian by email
      • Copy of divorce and custody documents - if applicable
      • Confirmation of any child protection/safeguarding issues from previous school

      2.1. Registration Fee
      Parents wishing to formally begin the registration procedure must at this stage pay the Registration Fee (a one-off, non-refundable payment) via the School Fees section of the BSB website, prior to completing the online Registration Files. Registration Files received without this payment will not be processed.

      2.2. Assessment
      Applicants for Years 3 to 12 (age 7 upwards) will be asked to complete an assessment test in English and Mathematics, which may take the form of a CAT test for entry to Years 4 & 6, plus any other subjects deemed necessary. This would normally take place in the school but for families who are unable to visit, it can be completed at the children's current school. Assessment tests are taken to assist the school in appropriate provision for each new entrant.

      2.3. Internal Review
      On receipt of the completed files, documentation and after completion of the assessment, the Admissions Office and Headmaster will review all of the information. If everything is in order, the parent/guardian will be contacted by the Admissions Office for further instructions.

      2.4. Reservation Deposit & School Fees
      Once the file is approved, the school will open the parental access to the online payment portal, via which online payment of the Reservation Deposit and the School Fees can be made by bank transfer. Alternatively, a pro-forma invoice can be downloaded and printed, for presentation to a bank or company. Payment of the Reservation Deposit of 4000 Euro reserves a place until 15th June 2018, at which point the balance of the full year's fees must be paid in order to finally secure the place.

      2.5. Final acceptance
      The place is finally confirmed once all academic fees have been paid.

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