School Nurse

Job purpose:

- Provides students’ the basic health services during the school day.

- Acts as first medical point according to the Medical and First Aid Policy

- Supervises the children’s health and wellbeing so they can fully participate in everyday school activities

- Develops and manages school health and wellness programme / policies

Main job responsibilities:

- Epidemiological triage

- Evaluate children/staff who complain of specific disorders

- Contact parents and teachers in case any medical emergency occurs

- Contact the direct manager in case the children’s condition is incompatible with this school’s activity

- Call parents to suggest they pick up children who might be uncomfortable or who might have developed a contagious illness

- Prepares daily records of children absent for medical reasons, following their return to the community to be subject to the presentation of epidemiological favourable opinion issued by the family doctor for absences exceeding 3(three) days, according to the Order 653/2001;

- Educate students on handwashing, germs and other health care and safety issues

- Examine, authenticate, and update vaccination records

- Ensure the availability of first aid kits according to law

- Maintain files on each student’s health and medical history

Additional duties :

- Follow the procedure to collect the medical waste properly

- Organizing the equipment of the medical office.

- Manage info that need to be displayed in the medical office

- Issuing orders for medical supplies

- Collaboration with admission department for registration / re-registration of students

- ISAMS / CPOMS updates

- Prepares reports daily/weekly or on direct Manager’s request.

Candidates will have the following minimum qualifications, skills and experience:

- Bachelor’s Degree in nursing or relevant post-graduate health qualification or another post graduate Paediatric qualification

- Minimum of two years experience as a school nurse or 4 years in Paediatrics

- First Aid Certificate

- Ability to communicate well with others

- Ability to assess situations and act quickly

- Organized and proactive

Further details of our school can be obtained from our website:

For more information and to apply, please email

This job description reflects the present requirements of the job, and are subject to mutual amendment as much as the duties and responsibilities change and develop.

The closing date for applications is: Wednesday, 11th August 2021

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