Robert Notley


Deputy Head of Secondary (Pastoral)

Rob Notley is responsible for the pastoral care of all students in Secondary, which includes leading personal development, student leadership and well-being programmes, as well as student safeguarding. Mr. Notley is also coordinating trips and is involved in the leadership of the CCA programmes and offers support and advice for all students and parents on pastoral care and development. Mr. Notley joined BSB in August 2019 as Head of Key Stage 5, taking up the leadership role of Assistant Head of Secondary the following year, before becoming Deputy Head. After a six-year career as a Physical Training Instructor in the British Army, Mr. Notley has gained over 10 years’ experience in the UK in school leadership and in teaching Physical Education, PSHCE, EPQ and Science. Mr. Notley has held a variety of roles, including Director of Sport at a large UK academy, where he developed academic P.E. and a thriving sport and community fixtures programme, as well as working in a school improvement consultancy across the UK. He has also collaborated with the Youth Sport Trust in the development of a new nationwide programme and provided the education package to Queen's Park Rangers Football Club. Mr. Notley is a holder of the NPQML professional qualification from University College London and currently delivers a Middle Leadership course at BSB as a COBIS Facilitator specialising in developing the leadership qualities of Middle Leaders.

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