Safety First

Health & Safety, One of Our Priorities

The British School of Bucharest (BSB) has obtained the DEKRA certification – ‘Trusted Facility Standard’, as a result of the evaluation of the measures implemented to stop the spread of COVID-19. BSB is the first and only school in Romania to obtain such a certification.

The British School of Bucharest is committed to academic excellence, regardless of the unprecedented situation that the COVID-19 pandemic has generated. With this in mind, we have implemented the highest safety measures on our campus for the entire BSB community so that together we can advance 'as normal' in achieving outstanding results in a safe and caring environment.

On 5th November 2021

  • 99% of our Teachers are Vaccinated or immunised.

Safety First

One of the most important priorities for the British School of Bucharest remains the well-being and health & safety of all BSB community members, including students, parents, teaching and support staff. 

Our team has taken the necessary steps to ensure that everyone can be as safe as possible on our campus.

The measures taken by the BSB staff are in line with the regulations released by the Romanian Health Authorities and take into consideration worldwide news updates and relevant information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic updates. 

Starting from the beginning of the 2020 Academic Year, we have implemented a series of measures to increase protection on the BSB campus. These measures are continuously updated. 

  1. A four-level cleaning protocol

  2. Special signs explaining how to increase protection from COVID-19 placed all around the BSB campus 

  3. Placement of sanitiser devices, temperature scanners, disinfectant mats etc.

  4. Personal iPads' and Chromebooks distributed to students

  5. Special safety measures regarding transportation and School lunch

The British School of Bucharest has taken all the necessary steps and measures to minimise the risk of infection and increase safety for students and teachers. There are set arrival and departure times for each section of the BSB school buildings to reduce congestion at the start and end of the School day to ensure parity of classroom time. 

All staff, students and Primary parents accompanying children on the school grounds have their temperature checked before passing through the turnstiles. Those entering campus on school buses have their temperature taken before boarding the bus.

Other measures taken by the School are:

  • Temperature scanners and turnstiles have been placed at all entry points, with a medical team present to check children on arrival. More than that, there are additional hands-free door openers (elbow panel plates or door openers and self-closing mechanisms).

  • Restricted access to parents and visitors on campus. Everyone entering the School grounds must wear a mask (except EYFS children and infants) and sanitise their hands immediately upon entry at strategically positioned stations.

  • Strict protocols and procedures are implemented in the event of confirmed cases among students or staff and their families.

  • A medical staff team is present on the BSB campus, split into two locations around the campus. The medical staff have access to personal protective equipment if needed to deal with someone presenting symptoms of COVID-19 and have been trained on how to respond and deal with suspected cases.

  • Expansion of the team of teachers with eight more members to maintain our impressive pupil to teacher ratio, adapted to the current context.

Moreover, the British School of Bucharest has developed clear health guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of protocols. The allocated time spent each day on cleaning measures is of roughly 13 hours.

There are four BSB levels of cleaning on campus:

  • Standard Sanitation Cleaning

  • Regular Disinfection

  • Deep Disinfection (by steaming)

  • Rapid Response Infection Control

The distance between desks is in accordance with health regulations for all rooms. As an added protective measure, all students in Year 1 and above wear face shields for all indoor lessons and movement in the classroom is limited. Perspex screens also are used in many rooms, as necessary, to ensure distancing. All staff and students maintain social distancing while moving around campus and during lessons.

Mixing of classes for School and after-school activities is strictly limited. Students stay in class and year group 'zones' throughout the day, most of that time in one classroom while teachers move between classrooms. Year groups use different entrances, and there is an established order for each class to enter and leave specific buildings and the campus.

BSB follows Government guidelines about social distancing and safety regulations on campus and in the classrooms. All staff, students, parents and visitors maintain social distance while moving around campus and follow BSB’s health and safety protocol.

You can find updated information regarding the list of areas with extended community transmission COVID-19, together with the recommendations issued by the National Centre for Surveillance and Control of Communicable Diseases. 

We also encourage all parents and staff members to be tested to see if they might be carrying the virus as a proactive measure in cases where they or their children have severe symptoms. 

 Suppose you think you have had contact with someone who has Coronavirus or has any symptoms. In that case, you should contact your family doctor or contact your health services provider in Romania immediately. 

As the situation is constantly changing regarding the spread of the Coronavirus, we would be very grateful if you could please closely monitor travel advice. Updated real-time data concerning the ''list of regions and localities in the red and yellow zones associated with COVID-19 transmission'' can be obtained by accessing this link.

If you have travelled abroad and returned to Romania from a red or yellow list country, you should comply with the official regulations.

Here you can find information and guidance from WHO regarding the current outbreak of the Coronavirus disease.

What are the preventive measures I should take?

The recommended steps people should take to protect themselves are the same as those to avoid flu and any other similar respiratory infections.  

You should maintain good hand, respiratory, and personal hygiene and avoid visiting animal and bird markets or people ill with respiratory symptoms. The World Health Organisation recommendations concerning the current Corona outbreak can be found here and include: 

  • Frequently clean hands by using alcohol-based hand rubs or soap and water; 

  • When coughing and sneezing, cover mouth and nose with bent elbow or tissue – throw the tissue away immediately and wash hands; 

  • Avoid close contact with anyone who has fever and cough; 

  • If you have a fever, cough and difficulty breathing, seek medical care early and share previous travel history with your health care provider; 

  • When visiting live markets in areas currently experiencing cases of Novel Coronavirus, avoid direct unprotected contact with live animals and surfaces in contact with animals. 

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

It depends on the virus, but common symptoms include respiratory symptoms, fever, cough, shortness of breath, and breathing difficulties. 

You should seek medical attention if you develop a fever, difficulty breathing or a cough. 

When do we go to the doctor?

If the symptoms are similar to a mild cold and the patient does not suffer from other chronic diseases, he can be treated at home. If the symptoms are worrying, with high fever, general alarming condition, contact the doctor immediately, especially if it concerns children, pregnant women, patients, the elderly or people with chronic diseases because they can develop complications. 

The New Normal Around the World 

The coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives dramatically. 

Everything has changed. From 'being social' to 'social distance', from 'get outside and explore with your friends to 'stay at home and go online'. In this section, you will find articles and videos from around the world, giving us hope in the 'new normal' society. 

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