Meet the Teachers

The art of teaching is the art of assisting discovery. – Mark Van Doren

The British School of Bucharest has a unique ethos and approach to academic excellence. Catering to more than 650 students aged 2-18 with a rich multi-cultural background, the BSB Faculty works every day to create an environment where the values of global citizenship are promoted and developed in our pupils. 

Apart from helping our students fulfil their academic potential, the BSB Faculty is responsible for instilling an appreciation for other cultures, world perspectives, and cultural backgrounds to help them become better individuals.

This section invites you to better understand the BSB Faculty culture by giving you access to our teacher's individuals stories and perspectives, what sets them apart and what makes them outstanding at their job. 

Their individual experiences enhance the British School of Bucharest culture of learning, high-quality work, and character aid students in becoming the best versions of themselves. 

So, let’s Meet the Teachers of the British School of Bucharest


Parental Communication Is Key to Supporting Students to Reach Their Full Potential whilst in School

Ms. Chloe Millward teaches our Secondary students Physics and Science. As the Head of Key Stage 5,...

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Smiling Faces and Friendly Words are Incredibly Valuable for BSB

Mr. Thomas Williams holds a first-class honours degree in Primary Education. He is a firm believer...

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Encouraging Creativity through Media Studies

Ms. Holly Susanne Stephens, our Teacher of English and Subject Lead for Media, Head of Year 7...

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From Consistent Learning and Teaching to the Psychology of Sleep

Mr. Mark Healy joined us in 2021 as the Director of Studies and Deputy Head of Secondary....

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Embracing Both Challenge and Failure as a Positive Step in the Learning Journey

Mr. Nicholas Morgan is an experienced Key Stage 2 teacher with a BSc in Astronomy and Maths,...

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The Results of Continuous Training and Learning

Stelian Stancu joined the BSB team in September 2017 and is one of the coaches who experienced...

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Removing Language Barriers with EAL

Mrs. Sarah Porter joined the British School of Bucharest in 2013 as an EAL and Modern Foreign...

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Music to Our Ears

Matthew Scragg is a dedicated teacher with experience across Key stage 1 and both lower and upper...

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The Wonderful World of Teaching

Kelly Salmon has been a Class Teacher in Primary at the British School of Bucharest since 2021. She...

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Decoding Mr. Stephen Young

Stephen Young works in our Computing Department, teaching Computer Science at Key Stage 3, Key Stage...

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The Backbone to Learning

Miss Cătălina Paraschiv joined BSB in 2007 and she is currently working with Year 6 pupils, having...

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Teaching is Teamwork

Raluca Bobeica joined the British School of Bucharest in 2016. She has an M.A. in Public Relations &...

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Iulia Supports Diversity and Inclusivity

Iulia Gogîia works as SENCO in our Secondary Special Educational Needs (SEN) Department. She joined...

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Siobhan Enjoys the Freedom of Creativity

Siobhan Williams studied Graphic Design at the University of Teesside before gaining a PGCE...

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An Extraordinary Journey from BSB Parent to BSB Teacher

An interview with Raina Myson, Pre-Nursery Teacher....

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Spanish by Birth, Romanian by Choice

Mrs. Rocio Marti Alarcon introduced Spanish as a Modern Foreign Language (MFL) subject to the...

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A Teacher You Can Count On

Thomas Brooks joined the British School of Bucharest in 2020. Thomas studied at the University of...

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I Always Wanted to Be a Teacher

Ann-Marie Isaac joined the British School of Bucharest in 2015. She combines her role as a Class...

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Of All the Schools in Bucharest, BSB Stands Out

Carl Helps joined the British School of Bucharest in 2019, as a Primary School Teacher and our...

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Continuing the BSB Adventure

Dan Batson is Deputy Head of Primary School at the British School of Bucharest, having joined in...

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Drama Empowers Students

Rachel Horley joined the British School of Bucharest this academic year as a subject specialist...

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I Love Children and Knew that My Future Lay in Working with Them

Geraldine Andrews joined the British School of Bucharest in 2019 as a Primary School Teacher and Key...

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A Bilingual Environment Creates Students Who Are More Tolerant

Graeme Morley joined the British School of Bucharest in 2019 as a Secondary Science Teacher and is...

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How To Be More Than a Class Teacher

Rebecca Doganay joined the British School of Bucharest in 2017 as a Year 5 teacher and PHSCE...

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I Have Always Been Interested in Foreign Languages

Jason Porter joined the British School of Bucharest in 2013 as Deputy Head of Secondary and is now...

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Every Child Is Unique, and a Teacher Is There to Develop the Whole Child

Jodie Lewis joined BSB in 2014. She qualified with a BA(Hons) in Primary Education from the...

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Provide the Children with an Environment where They Feel Safe to Take Risks and Explore

Kate Dibble joined the British School of Bucharest in 2011 as a Year 1 teacher. Kate studied Primary...

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A Foreign Language Opens so many Doors to Incredible Opportunities

Kim McCallum joined the British School of Bucharest in 2019 as a Secondary Modern Foreign Languages...

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At BSB, I Am Impressed by the Wonderful Sense of Community

Lucy Harrison joined the British School of Bucharest in 2019 as a Teaching Assistant. She graduated...

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Teaching with Enthusiasm, Willingness to Play and Experimental Attitude

Mark Williams joined the British School of Bucharest in 2006 and is now Head of the Creative...

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Our Mrs Cojocaru Rocks at Teaching!

Karen Cojocaru joined the British School of Bucharest in 2014 as class teacher and PSHCE...

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My Life Has Meaning When I Am with Children

Rachel Eglinton joined the British School of Bucharest in 2016 and has taught in both Key Stage 1...

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It Is Essential to Make Learning Fun If We Want Motivated and Engaged Students

Ramona Boiangiu works with children in Key Stage 1 (Year 1) at the British School of Bucharest,...

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Someone Had Belief in Me and I Took This Opportunity

Rob Notley joined the British School of Bucharest in 2019 as the Head of Sixth Form and a Physical...

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A Lot of My Former Students Are Still Active in Music, and I Find that Incredibly Satisfying

Sally Clark, studied Music at the University of Huddersfield and then taught EAL (English as an...

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Tales From the Past are Just as Fascinating as Current Stories

Scott Allsop joined the British School of Bucharest in 2014. In addition to his role as Head of...

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My Interest in History Was Inspired by a School Project

Susannah Read, who joined the British School of Bucharest in 2018, has a degree in the rather...

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Teaching On a High Note

Ms. Dalila Istrate joined the British School of Bucharest in January 2005 as a Teaching Assistant....

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We are Stretching and Extending our Student’s Horizons at BSB

Victoria Smith joined the British School of Bucharest in 2015, acquired her PGCE and MA in...

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​Mr Philip Walters Leads by Example

Cambridge graduate Philip Walters is Headmaster of the British School of Bucharest, after joining...

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