Frequently Asked Questions

We welcome more than 500 students each year, aged 2-18.

BSB is an international school with students representing approximately 50 nationalities.

The British School of Bucharest offers the National Curriculum for England, which is often referred to as the British Curriculum. One of its great strengths is the level of individual, tailored support it affords pupils from a very young age, with students learning at the pace and intensity that suits them, even within a single lesson.The curriculum provides a very broad education from the early years and then becomes more specialised as students’ progress through IGCSE/GCSE and on to A level. Read more about the Curriculum at the British School of Bucharest here.

We teach students in modern classrooms with an impressive pupil to teacher ratio. In almost all cases class sizes at BSB are restricted to 20 in both Primary and Secondary classes.

For the Early Years Foundation Stage ratios of children to staff are:

  • Pre-Nursery 12 students to 3 staff
  • Nursery 16 students to 3 staff
  • Reception 18 students to 2 staff.

This is a typical day at the British School of Bucharest

  • Drop off: 07:30–08:30
  • Morning registration: Open until 08:30
  • Being late: Students are registered as late if they arrive at school after registration. Tardiness should be avoided. All pupils arriving after 08:30 must wait at reception to be accompanied to class by a member of staff.
  • School hours: 08:30–15:00 (except Pre-Nursery who have opted for a half day: 08:30–12:30)
  • CCAs: 15:00–16:00/17:00
  • Morning school snack: 10:30–10:50
  • Lunch break: 12:10–13:00
  • Pick up: 15:00 (or 16:00 if taking part in CCAs)

Lessons at BSB are 65 minutes long. We have 5 lessons per day and break is from 10:40 until 11:00.

The lunch break starts at 12:05 and finishes at 12:50.


8:15 until 8:30

LESSON 1 starts


LESSON 2 starts




LESSON 3 starts





12:50 until 13:15

LESSON 4 starts


LESSON 5 starts




Early Years Foundation Stage

Children in EYFS do not have formal homework set. Reception children will, at some point during the year, take home a reading book when they are ready to begin more formal reading.

Even though there is no formal homework assigned at this level there are many ways in which you can support your child at home, including taking an interest in their learning by speaking to them about their day and asking them what happened. Asking questions and having the children explain reinforces their understanding and helps them to learn faster.

Primary School

Weekly homework is at the discretion of the Class Teacher and includes work on spelling, Mathematics and a language activity, as well as an expectation of daily reading. In addition, children may be required to complete other activities more suited to the home environment, such as collecting information to support project work. This is given as a variety of ‘takeaway tasks’ set each term.

This is a general guideline for homework expectations for Primary Students:

Years 2 & 3:20 minutes a day

Year 4:30 minutes a day

Year 5:35 minutes a day

Year 6:45 minutes a day

Secondary School

For Secondary students, rigorous target setting is linked to high-quality assessment, alongside careful attention from teachers to pupils’ individual learning styles, motivation and needs.

This is a general guideline for homework expectations for Secondary students:

Years 7-8:Up to one and a half hours per evening

Year 9:Up to two hours per evening

Years 10-11:Up to two and a half hours per evening

Year 12-13:Up to three hours per evening

Yes - the school uniform, bearing the school logo, is mandatory from Nursery and must be worn each day, except for non-uniform days. Sixth Form students in Years 12 and 13 studying for A level are not expected to wear school uniform. However, they should be dressed smartly in ‘business dress’, as if for a job interview. The change to winter uniform is on the first Monday after the October half-term break. The switch to summer uniform is on the first Monday in April.

A full list of uniform items, Physical Education (PE) kit and information on costs is available here (please check the new link)

Uniform can be purchased either from the online shop or from the Uniform, Books and Gifts Shop located on the campus. If you order from the online shop, you will receive your items via courier. At our Uniform, Books and Gifts Shop, students can try on the uniform in the Fitting Room to make sure they choose the right size.

Any student not complying with the uniform regulations will be dealt with in accordance with the Behaviour Policy and may be asked to return home to change.

Yes - we understand how important it is for pupils to be happy and confident in a learning environment, particularly in an international school. The British School of Bucharest offers English as an Additional Language (EAL) to support all pupils whose first language is not English. The assistance we provide can include sit-in support during the lesson, one-to-one support, after-school support and small group work.

Yes - throughout the school, from EYFS through to Key Stage 5 students are monitored for evidence of talent or ability across the curriculum. The Able, Gifted & Talented coordinator keeps a list of these children and supervises their progress together with their class teacher.

Yes- the SEN Department reflects the School Aims of valuing each individual equally and providing opportunities for all students to:

  • fulfil their potential
  • develop confidence and self esteem
  • enjoy and value learning
  • develop personal responsibility and respect

The fundamental objective of the SEN Department at the British School of Bucharest is to provide the support framework for students requiring assistance with their learning.

The SEN Department works with students with:

  • learning difficulties
  • medical issues
  • behavioural and emotional difficulties

Further information is available here

An important part of the school curriculum at BSB is the extra-curricular activities programme, which includes after school co-curricular activities (CCAs), university courses, school trips, and our Secondary School work experience programme.

Further information is available here

Yes - during normal school time students are also able to receive private music lessons, which are in addition to the normal school music lessons, with specialist music instruction available for a variety of instruments.

Further information is available here

Yes - BSB’s lunch service is provided in-house. High quality meals are served to our students that are an appealing as well as a healthy option made from fresh foods cooked on our premises.

Alternatively, a nutritious lunch can be sent from home. All pupils are provided with a nutritious snack of fruit and juice in the morning break at no extra charge.

Please be informed that the lunch menu is displayed weekly on our website.

Further information about our school lunch service, menu and costs is available here.

Yes - the school bus service is a door-to-door service (where possible) and is offered on request through an external bus company for children aged from 24 months. To register for the bus service, please go to School Transportation .Your request will be processed and a member of the Office staff will contact you to confirm the availability of a place on the bus and inform you about pick up time in the morning and afternoon drop off.

The first step toward enrolling your child at The British School of Bucharest is to click on the “Contact Admissions” button on the main page of the website in order to arrange a date for your visit or to ask for information.

At any stage during the application process the admissions staff will be happy to help you and can be contacted at: admissions@britishschool.ro

For further information on the admission procedure: Admissions - How to Apply